TRADE BAIT! (Food Edition)

Before I “post” these “new” cards, I should mention that there are still many autos/relics from my previous trade bait post, including several Yankees, Tigers, Orioles, A&G, etc…

When I was in the basement retrieving several valuable cards I had there, I also found these food-issue cards, which are up for trade. — Click on the “Continue reading” link below to see them.

If you have any specific questions about anything you see here, including condition, please feel free to ask.

Click on each image to embiggen:

Post Cereal
Also, complete 1994 30-card set; 1994 Dykstra, Galarraga; 1993 Kruk, Larkin, Mattingly; 1992 Bagwell, Bonilla, Strawberry (2), Larkin

Kellogg’s Cereal
Also, 1971 Walton; 1973 Rodriguez; 1974 Sanguillen

Jimmy Dean cards: 1992 Stankiewicz, Abbott, Bonilla, Bonds, Chamberlain; 1993 Rookies Kirby, Gates; 1993 Hayes, Murray, Sheffield, Drabek, Santiago, Listach

Kraft Singles: 1993 Alomar, Eckersley

Hostess Baseballs: 1993 Kruk, Eckersley

MooTown Snackers: 1991 Alomar

Tombstone Pizza: 1994 Bonilla

Proctor & Gamble (Score): 1992 McGriff, Van Slyke, Santiago, Alomar

Coca-Cola (Donruss): 1992 Ryan #8

Starline: 1990 Sabo #20, #25 (2)

I also have about 80% of series 1 and series 2 sets of 1992 Cracker Jack (Donruss) minis


4 responses to “TRADE BAIT! (Food Edition)

  1. Would like to trade for the Kellogg’s Buddy Harrelson. Let me know what you want. thanks

  2. What the heck, no Pop Tarts???

  3. i want the Eck’s please

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