The Memory Is The First To Go; I Forget What’s Next

While down in the basement the other day, I stumbled across the tupperware tub where I have my (what was) most valuable cards in snap-cases; you know: early Killebrew, Carew, and Blyleven cards, vintage high numbered SPs, and Puckett first year Fleer/Donruss/Leaf/Topps/Topps Tiffany cards, among others. They’d been secluded down there for probably about a decade now, and I’d barely remembered what was there. Here are some of the better ones:

clockwise, from top left: 1962 Topps #53 AL Home Run Leaders Harmon Killebrew (w/Maris, Mantle, Gentile); 1968 Topps #490 Super Stars Harmon Killebrew (w/Mays, Mantle); 1963 Topps SP #500 Harmon Killebrew; 1962 Topps #592 Rookie Parade Joe Bonikowski (w/Pfister, Belinsky, Bouton, and Stenhouse)

But the treat was this baby; I totally forgot I had it, and I can’t for the life of me remember even how I got it.

1991 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball #H1 Harmon Killebrew [1358/3000]

I also found several trade bait cards that I’ll post in a couple days. I’m hoping I’ve forgotten even more cool stuff in other boxes, too!


4 responses to “The Memory Is The First To Go; I Forget What’s Next

  1. i take there is no way in hell you’d trade the Maris?

  2. Wow, those are nice cards to forget about!

  3. Nice. Can’t have too many Killebrews — not to mention Mantle and Mays!

  4. The Maris/Mantle/’Brew/Gentile floating head card is awesome!

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