TRADE BAIT! (Relic/Auto Edition)

Been a while since I’ve run a trade bait post; make an offer with stuff off my wantlists or with autos/relics I don’t already have here. — Click on the “Continue reading” link below to see them.

If you have any specific questions about anything you see here, please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking, and hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Click on each image to embiggen:

NL cards; upside-down Pirates? sue me, I was distracted

Yankees and Red Sox — skip ahead quickly; avert your vision

AL Central and West. Oh great, another upside-down card



7 responses to “TRADE BAIT! (Relic/Auto Edition)

  1. I want some cards….lol The Ricky,Steve C., the B.J. and Lynn relic you know i have stuuf you want 🙂

  2. I’d be happy with the James McDonald. Now’s your chance to get that purple refractor Bowman Platinum Kyle Gibson I’ve been hanging on to forever. I’ll see what else I can find to go with it.

  3. I’d like the Lou Marson auto. I’ll see what I can dig up when I get home this afternoon !

  4. Damn. I really want the BJ Upton and the Zimmerman. I might have to go find you something.

  5. I’d love the Steve Carlton and Fred Lynn! I’ll peruse the wantlists and get you an offer!

  6. I’d be interested in the Lester and Pedroia. I’ve got a bunch of Twins cards available so I’m sure I can find something that you’d need.

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