Trolling The Bay Of E: Part V — Summary

Finally, the last of my eBay experiment posts — one month hitting eBay to bolster my “relic/auto havelist” with cards I needed — which I was able to bolster considerably. Question is, was I able to keep the price per card at less than my goal of $3 apiece including shipping?

# of transactions: 15
# of cards: 33
12 autos, 1 auto/jersey, 2 bat, 1 bat/jersey, 15 jersey, 1 patch, 1 low s#'d

  card cost shipping cost total cost
total $68.24 $21.80 $90.04
per card $2.07 $0.66 $2.73

Nailed it. Also part of the end total was a wrong relic card which I didn’t order (later refunded after no reply from the vendor required eBay to intervene) and a non-Twin relic card that was part of a lot; assuming I turn these two around for an additional Twins relic or auto apiece, that brings the total down to $2.57 per card.

I know of at least one eBay vendor with many Twins autos & relics within my price per card limit, but at this point I’ve hit Mo’s you’ve spent more than enough on eBay, knock it off limit. Well, thanks for letting me play around a bit, Hon!

The last item to post, a current Twins player who isn’t one of the scrubs:

2006 Upper Deck SPx Rookie Signatures #130 Jason Kubel [776/999] (auto)


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