WGOM At Kauffman Stadium: Twins 6, Royals 0

Once more Gene and I scheduled a weekend trip to KC to see a Twins/Royals game at beautiful Kauffman Stadium. Unlike last year, we set up a tailgate party, invited several more of the WGOM gang, and unfortunately it was probably 40°F warmer.

It had hit 100°F the day before in St. Louis, so we had a bad feeling it would be a scorcher. We started setting up folding chairs and grill a bit after 10:30, and then folks played a little “where’s Waldo?” until everyone had located our location.

left to right: Rhubarb_Runner, Sheenie, Dread Pirate Will, Mrs. Mak, Big Mak, sean, MagUidhir, Gene, Joe

Brats, beans, beer, etc. were consumed and stories were traded, until we all eventually made for the stadium for game four of the 4-game series. The Twins had won the first three, so most of us considered KC due for a win (but hoped otherwise). Half of our party had seats on the third base side (MagUidhir got some great pics here), while the half I was in sat under cover of the upper deck on the first base side.

found Dazzle and Atteberry in the pressbox; unfortunately, it looks like Atteberry apparently had already found us!

The Twins got off to a hot start in the first inning, thanks to a couple walks and an error on a misguided attempt at a double play. Pretty much it was the rookies in the Twins’ AAA-inspired lineup did the damage throughout the game.

Valencia got all of that one! He crushed it! He…oh, wait, nevermind.

“The Dunce” pitched a great game, going 8 innings while keeping his WHIP below 1 and keeping the Royals off the scoreboard. Francis for the Royals also pitched a great game, once he got out of the first inning.

Duensing’s pickoff move with Escobar on first

The game went fairly quickly, and the attendance was listed at 21,704 — many of them Twins fans, and several of those with brooms.

What the heck? Okay, bonus points: what is wrong with this scorecard?

In the end, we were treated to a shutout. Goodbyes were said, and all that remained of a great day at the ballpark with friends was the 3½ hour drive home and a long shower.


5 responses to “WGOM At Kauffman Stadium: Twins 6, Royals 0

  1. Scorecard question – it’s too small and you had to use your own pencil since they don’t sell them there. There’s also no current roster sheet provided.

  2. Huh…sean was the only one I couldn’t place, which is funny because I’ve met him (sans hat and shades, though).

    I wish I could have gotten in on that. If I coordinate one of those at LAAA, who will come??!?!?!!

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