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Way too long between posts, but during down time it looks like an opportunity to post some new cards. In contrast with the “noobs” in the last post, these feature some “vets”.

1971 was when we first started collecting Topps in earnest as kids, so this year’s Heritage set paying homage to that year got me going to see about filling in some of the autographed Twins Heritage card gaps that I had. I didn’t do too badly.

clockwise, from top left: 2016 Topps Heritage Real One #ROA-DSI Dwight Siebler (auto); 2016 Topps Heritage Real One Red Ink #ROA-DSI Dwight Siebler [62/67] (auto); 2013 Topps Heritage Real One Red Ink #ROA-SD Scott Diamond [38/64] (auto); 2012 Topps Heritage Real One #ROA-FS Frank Sullivan (auto); 2014 Topps Heritage Real One Red Ink #ROA-KR Ken Retzer [33/65] (auto); 2020 Topps Heritage Real One #ROA-SC Sal Campisi (auto); 2020 Topps Heritage Real One #ROA-TT Tom Tischinski (auto); 2013 Topps Heritage Real One Red Ink #ROA-JG John Goryl [59/64] (auto)

I picked up some additional GU cards and a few first-autos and current team AU/GU cards as well. Everyone stay safe!

clockwise, from top left: 2020 Topps Heritage Real One Red Ink #ROA-SC Sal Campisi [48/71] (auto); 2006 Upper Deck SP Authentic By The Letter “N” #BL-JN Joe Nathan [148/200] (manu-patch/auto); 2018 Topps Fire Magenta #FR-ZG Zack Granite [14/25] (jersey); 2015 Topps Pro Debut Pennant Patches #PP-NG Nick Gordon (manu-patch); 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Sweet Threads Gold #ST-JS Johan Santana [66/75] (jersey); 2005 Upper Deck Trilogy Generations Past Materials #PA-HR Kent Hrbek [15/99] (jersey); 2018 Topps Update All-Star Stitches #AST-JE Jose Berrios (jersey); 2015 Topps Heritage Minors Clubhouse Collection Gold #CCR-BB Byron Buxton [24/50] (jersey)

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NCIS: Duryea, PA [2011 Topps Heritage]

Just picked up my first of this year’s Topps Heritage, and when I saw this card, I immediately considered it a great candidate for the next NCIS: Duryea, PA post:

2011 Topps Heritage #311 Derek Jeter

This was from a Target blaster. So, what can we uncover here?

Here’s what I noticed initially:
1) that’s backup catcher Drew Butera bearing down on Jeter
2) it’s a day game; makes sense for “Butters” to be catching
3) he’s not necessarily all that fast, yet he’s there with his take-out slide
4) take look at the ball in each frame

Once again the gang at WGOM has nailed this one. Here are the findings:
– Butera only played in New York on two occasions: May 15th and May 16th
– on the 16th he was only used as a pinch runner for Jim Thome, and scored on Jason Kubel’s grand slam
– the only time he was on base in the other game was after a leadoff single in the top of the 8th. He was out at second, but on a Denard Span 1-6 fielder’s choice.

So, it’s as was initially expected; Jeter does NOT make the double play. Looks like we can call BS on Topps for this one.