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Lunatic Fringe (An X-Files Comparison)

Last year the new TV series Fringe appeared, and many people were quick to call it “The X-Files for the new century,” and rightly so.  While the show has its flaws (don’t they all?), the characters are interesting, and although Mo dropped out, K and I watched it through season one and look forward to the upcoming season.

But back to the X-Files comparison — this was a fun little mental exercise one morning when I woke up too early and couldn’t get back to sleep; let’s see if it makes any sense in the light of day.  The characters, and their equivalent:

x-filesAgent Fox Muldur
Agent Dana Scully
fringeSpecial Agent Olivia Dunham
Peter Bishop
Assistent Director Walter Skinner Homeland Security Agent Phillip Broyles
lone gunmenMelvin Frohike
Richard “Ringo” Langly
John Byers
walter bishopWalter Bishop
Astrid Farnsworth
CGB Spender “Cigarette Smoking Man” (CSM) Nina Sharp

No X-Files equivalent has come to mind for Fringe‘s Agent Charlie Francis, and until more is known about Fringe characters Mitchell Loeb (Alex Krycek?), William Bell (Well-Manicured Man?), Agent John Scott, or even The Observer (Alien Bounty Hunter?), making any comparison is just conjecture.

The comparisons can go a lot deeper than just the characters (alien activity vs. “The Pattern”, the Syndicate vs. Massive Dynamics, etc.) but again, Fringe needs to flesh things out more before conclusions can be drawn.

In the meantime, can’t wait until season two!  Now, back to sleep…