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A [NSFW] Card (And ANOTHER Mention On The Radio)

Tuesday night, I was again sitting at my computer and listening to the Twins radio broadcast over MLB.com streaming audio. When Dan Gladden began his preamble to giving out the game’s trivia question to PBP man Ted Robinson and the radio audience, I again quickly entered the email address (as well as my city & state this time) in my browser window and waited for the question. “Which Twin was not a ROY winner? Tony Oliva, Rod Carew, Kent Hrbek, or Marty Cordova” I slammed “Hrbek!” into the subject line and clicked the send button.

When I was about to give up on winning, I received this reply, slightly different from last time:

Congratulations, you are the winner for today’s US Bank question of the game! Your name will now be entered into a drawing for a pair of Twins tickets. Since you have won twice, your name will be entered two times in the drawing.

You will be notified should you win the drawing.

The game was sucking, and I had kinda hoped to shut it down and go on to something else, but now I had to wait again to hear my name. Sure enough, “Dazzle” mentioned me as the winner (I’ll have to spell out the state next time — I don’t think he knew what MO stands for, so he skipped it).

Although Kent Hrbek had a great rookie campaign, he lost out to Cal Ripken.

Now on to the trade package that arrived today: (…Joe) from The Sandlot is a big Mets fan, and I loaded up on a big pile of Mike Piazza cards which sat here for quite a while until things settled out at The Sandlot. Well, (…Joe) didn’t have much for Twins, but then he sprung this beauty on me. I mean, I almost have to use foul language to describe it. Sure, it’s Perk, but come on, it’s an auto/jersey #’d to 10!

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Triple Threads Sapphire #189 Glen Perkins [07/10]; 2000 Fleer 3000 Club Paul Molitor; 2006 Topps Turkey Red Red #613 Francisco Liriano; 2011 Topps Gold #288 Matt Capps [1333/2011]; 1996 Pacific Collection #363 Matt Walbeck; 1996 Pacific Hometowns #HP-17 Kirby Puckett – Chicago, IL if you didn’t know

I always want to be sure I’m holding up my end of a trade; I hope you didn’t pay too greatly for that card, (…Joe) — it is much appreciated. And I’ll continue to stockpile Piazzas from my digging expeditions in the boxes at the back of my LCS. Thanks again for the trade.

Anatomy Of A Three-Way

OMG, get out of the gutter! A three-way trade! Sheesh.

I’d always been fascinated with sports trades in which three different teams could logistically come up with a trade between each other where players would end up heading off into any combination of directions. The thought of eventually pulling one off with a baseball card trade has been equally fascinating, and I finally found a situation and a couple of patient traders who were willing to play along. It went something like what follows (guys, correct me if I got any of this wrong)…

Things started out fairly fortuitously with The Daily Dimwit posting some of his 2007 UD Masterpieces, which included a couple nice Twins hits. I owed The Dimwit already for some cards he’d graciously sent my way and I already wanted to return the favor, but in this case I didn’t have anything swell Astros-wise to trade…yet. Enter trader #2.

(…Joe) from The Sandlot dropped a note out of the blue wondering if I was interested in the Twins cards from his really, really, (really!) sweet Topps Unique break. I didn’t participate (I have to limit the number and amounts of PayPal that pop up in Quicken), but I was certainly interested, and with my Mets trade bait post almost ready to go, I gave (…Joe) an early crack at what I had. I also mentioned that I was looking for Astros cards for The Dimwit. He found several Mets cards to his liking, and also pointed my to his trade bait webpage which had some other Twins cards that caught my eye…and some Astros!

I presented (…Joe)’s list to The Dimwit, of which there were two nice Astros cards that he wanted, and (…Joe) was able to settle on some of my ’71 Mets cards (on the condition he show them the love and attention that cards from my youth deserve), so that half of the three-way was settled. I suggested that he and The Dimwit check to see if there were any cards they wanted to swap between themselves as well, since packages were going to be mailed to us all already. Lastly, I sent a package of Astros that I had here off to The Dimwit (mostly for the Manship autograph from this break), taking care of the other half of the three-way.

And as icing on top of it all, (…Joe) received the “Travellin’ Lee” card that had been passed to me from Sewing Machine Guy. I don’t remember who started this fun idea either, but my contribution was to dub it the Travellin’ Lee — a card this infamous needs a name, and Cliff’s card has certainly done his share of travellin’ already, if you take a look at the locations written on him.

As you can see, a three-way trade takes some work, but it’s definitely fun and worth the effort. Anyway, my portion of the haul can be found after the break by clicking the Continue link. Thanks again, guys — hope you enjoyed your cards, and look forward to future trades!

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Anyone Looking for Relics? And a Swap with The Sandlot

First, the relics: hopefully everyone has a friendly neighborhood baseball card shop like I have here in St. Chas. County, MO. Mark, the shop owner, has a large box of a variety of relics — stuff like 2010 Peak Performance, some Goudy, a few manu-patches — you name it, even some football relics. If you have any Twins relics or autos that I need, or any Cardinals relics or autos that Mark would like (particularly current Cardinals), we will be happy to swap for whatever player/team relic you might be looking for that he has. No guarantees on particular players, but a few cards from pretty much every MLB team is represented in the pile of cards (and again, a few football relics). Drop me an email or a comment here, and I can see what cards there are that you might want and what kind of trade can be done. Scans can be made as well, if wanted. (Oh, and please look through my wantlists, and ask what else I might have for trade that you are looking for.)

Now, I return you to your regularly scheduled post…

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