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An Olympics Friday Random 10

Time for the Friday random ten songs again…

  1. Domingo Hirsch and His Internal Flying Circus” – The Citizens, Post Cro-Magnon Drift
  2. “Clouds” – Level 42, Retrograde
  3. “Face to Face” – Keith Emerson, Nighthawks soundtrack
  4. No. 15” – Chick Corea, Children’s Songs
  5. “In a Big Country” – Big Country, The Crossing
  6. Stranger by the Minute” – Porcupine Tree, Stupid Dream
  7. “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” – Paul Simon, Graceland
  8. “Spirits in the Material World” – The Police, Every Breath You Take: The Singles
  9. Pulse” – Rick Wakeman, Rhapsodies
  10. “The Time Has Come” – Mike Oldfield, Islands

Bring home the gold, folks!

A Royal Wedding Friday Random 10

In honor of the Royal Wedding, an All-Brit random list today.

  1. Time and a Word” – Yes, Time and a Word
  2. “A Moment Lost” – Enya, Amarantine
  3. The Domes of G’bal” – Ozric Tentacles, Live at the Pongmaster’s Ball
  4. “How the Years Turn” – Roger Eno, Music of Neglected English Composers
  5. “Johnny on the Monorail” – The Buggles, The Age of Plastic
  6. Black Cat” – Gentle Giant, Acquiring the Taste
  7. “Blown by the Wind” – Alan Parsons, On Air
  8. Nine Cats” – Porcupine Tree, Stars Die: The Delerium Years 1991-1997
  9. “Message in a Bottle” – The Police, Every Breath You Take: The Singles
  10. “Clarinet Concerto, Op. 31” – Gerald Finzi, Clarinet Concerti

Here’s to the happy couple!  Yeah, whatever.

Pandora Friday Random 10

Once again, I lean on Pandora for my random 10 songs this Friday.

  1. The Sorceress” – Return to Forever, Romantic Warrior
  2. Fading Out” – Primitive Radio Gods, White Hot Peach
  3. “The Twilight Zone” – Rush, 2112
  4. “Better than Nothing” – Paul Carrack, Satisfy My Soul
  5. “Spring Ain’t Here” – Pat Metheny, Letter from Home
  6. “Eternal Spiral” – Passport, Looking Thru
  7. “Sleep” – Azure Ray, Azure Ray
  8. “Darkness” – The Police, Ghost in the Machine
  9. Evermore” – The Young Dubliners, Real World
  10. “Back in N.Y.C” – Genesis, Archive 1967-75

Enjoy your weekend!

Pandora Friday Random 10

Been a while; time to get on the Friday Random 10 treadmill again…

  1. “Shine on You Crazy Diamond (live)” – Pink Floyd, Delicate Sound of Thunder
  2. “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” – Rooney, Calling the World
  3. “Leaving Me Now” – Level 42, World Machine
  4. “Show Me Mary” – Catherine Wheel, Chrome
  5. “Endless Sacrifice” – Dream Theater, Train of Thought
  6. “Portrait” – Kansas, Point of Know Return
  7. “Omegaman” – The Police, Ghost in the Machine
  8. “Far West” – Kraan, Flyday
  9. “Only You Understand” – George Duke, Cool
  10. “Chopsticks” – Jeff Lorber, Narada Jazz: The Singles

Love those Hypgnosis album covers.

Season Opener Pandora Random 10

The 2010 baseball season is upon us!  The Twins are 3-1!  We need music!  And fewer exclamation marks!

  1. “Fly from Heaven” – Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dulcinea
  2. “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” – Police, Zenyatta Mondatta
  3. “Birthright” – a-ha, Analogue
  4. “Let’s Go” – The Cars, Candy-O
  5. “Straight Ahead” – Paul Hardcastle, Paul Hardcastle 4
  6. “In My Place” – Coldplay, A Sudden Rush to the Head
  7. “Waiting for a Star to Fall” – Boy Meets Girl, Reel Life
  8. “Kyrie” – Mr. Mister, Welcome to the Real World
  9. “Satisfied” – Richard Marx, Greatest Hits
  10. “Jewel Thieves” – The Rippingtons, Live Across America

Time to blank the Blanco Sox!

Pandora Friday Random 10

First 10 thumbs-up tracks off Pandora, full mix: 

  1. Elevator Love Letter” – Stars, Heart
  2. “The Girls Next Door” – Pat Metheny, We Live Here
  3. “What Was Wrong” – Storyhill, Dovetail
  4. “Young Boy” – Paul McCartney, Flaming Pie
  5. “Indian Summer” – Manic Street, Send Away the Tigers
  6. Sorry About Your Irony” – El Ten Eleven, El Ten Eleven
  7. “When the Heart Rules the Mind” – GTR, King Biscuit Flower Hour (Live)*
  8. “Blue Ridge Laughing (Live)” – Carbon Leaf, 5 Alive!
  9. “Little Boy” – Andy White, Andy White
  10. “Secret Journey” – The Police, Ghost in the Machine

* I was a this concert (Wiltern Theater, LA, 1986); I especially liked the opening act – Steve Howe and Steve Hackett performing acoustic solos and duets!

 A Picture Says a Thousand Words One Word:  w00t! 

Friday Random 10

TGIF!  Time for random tracks…

  1. “Playing Love (Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: The Legend of 1900)” – Ennio Morricone, Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone*
  2. “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” – The Police, Every Step You Take: The Singles
  3. “Learning to Fly” – Emerson, Lake & Powell, Emerson, Lake & Powell
  4. “The Golden Age of Steam” – Steve Hackett, Darktown
  5. “Special Cases” – Djam Karet, Ascension
  6. “Shamburger” – Stephen Rippy, David Rippy, Kevin McMullan, Age of Empires Compilation Soundtrack
  7. “Prelude for St. Joan” – Roger Eno, Between Tides
  8. “Secret Garden” – Alan Parsons Project, Eve
  9. “An Arc of Doves” – Harold Budd & Brian Eno, AMBIENT 2: The Plateaux of Mirror
  10. “Dharma Reggae” – Ozric Tentacles, Erpsongs

* I shooped this cover photo and used it for my entry in the 2006 StreamingSoundtracks “Sexiest Man” contest.  I obviously never won, but I was pleased not to receive sympathy votes.

Pandora Friday Random 10

Going with the “thumbs up” tracks from Pandora again this Friday:

  1. third eye blindDarwin” – Third Eye Blind, Blue
  2. Invisible Sun” – The Police, Every Breath You Take – The Classics
  3. “Over the Land Over the Sea” – Hood, The Lost You
  4. “All Clear” – Djam Karet, New Dark Age
  5. “You Can Tell” – Colonel Knowledge, Reconnaissance
  6. One Step Ahead” – Split Enz, History Never Repeats (The Best of Split Enz)
  7. “Blue Ridge Laughing (live)” – Carbon Leaf, 5 Alive!
  8. Thrill Me” – Simply Red, Stars
  9. “Sacred Sound” – IQ, Dark Matter
  10. Paradise” – Bodeans, Black and White

Bonus Track: “See a Little Light” – Bob Mould, Workbook

#2: speaking of The Police, happy 58th birthday, Sting.