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These Cards Are Uncalled For!

FYI, a couple more teams have been added to my trade bait page in hopes of turning them into Twins cards from my wantlists.

Lately, I’ve been scrambling to come up with cards to send back as part of PTBNL trade packagess, and here are the most recent two:

First, hiflew of Cards from the Quarry sent me cards from JABO’s break; he had the Twins, and besides some Bazooka singles and a Mauer refractor, he ended up with a beautiful Scott Baker By The Letter manupatch/auto. I went through my Rockies trade bait and hopefully put together an appropriate response package. Yes, UD Doc cards were included!

Then, Night Owl from Night Owl Cards sent me a little package of Twins. I hear his whining about never coming up with any Twins to trade to me, and yet he had a goodly amount of this year’s Heritage base, a Topps Gold card, and even a couple UD Doc Gold singles that I needed. Again, I hope my return package aptly rewards that effort.

clockwise, from top left: 2006 Topps Gold #489 Jason Bartlett [1615/2006]; 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold #3680 Joe Mauer; 2012 Topps Opening Day Mascots #M-19 TC; 2012 Topps Heritage mini sticker #35 Joe Mauer

Thanks guys — check your mail in the next few days!

One last thing: I came up with another card collecting term that I think has been much needed. You know those unfortunate cards (usually relics) picturing a ballplayer in one uniform, but listing the player on a different team? What to call it? A cross-dresser card


Invited Guests

The Night Owl from Night Owl Cards put together a trade for a couple Nomo cards from my Dodgers trade bait post; here were some of the cards he sent along…

clockwise, from top left: 2010 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor #50 Joe Mauer [400/599]; 2010 Topps Peak Performance Certified Autograph #PPA-JMI Jose Mijares (auto); 2004 Fleer Tradition #493 Beau Kemp/Michael Nakamura w/Carrasco; 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP24 Oswaldo Arcia

…but more importantly, Night Owl had a particular card I had been looking for lately. Mo and I were invited to the wedding of the daughter of friends of ours, which was held last night at…the Lemp Mansion. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it was on one of the 2011 Allen & Ginter’s “Uninvited Guests” mini set. Anyway, it was nice to be able to include this card with our gift to the happy couple. And I’m not sure if anyone there was an Uninvited Guest or not, but if they were, they had a good time!

Thanks again, Night Owl!

Good Night

Some persistance by Night Owl of Night Owl Cards regarding a Dodgers auto card from my trade bait post paid off. A nice potpourri of chrome, gold, 2011’s, etc. ensued:

clockwise, from top left: 2010 Topps Home Team Advantage #HTA-47 Justin Morneau; 2010 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor #188 Alex Burnett; 2011 Topps Gold #304 Jim Thome checklist [0686/2011]; 2008 Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie Team #ARC14 Joe Mauer; 2004 Fleer Legacy #26 Torii Hunter; 2008 Topps Chrome Refractor #51 Delmon Young

Well played, Sir Owl!

Nox Strigiformes Cardboardus

Okay, I’m sure that’s not Latin for Night Owl Cards, but close enough. I threw a query out there concerning a Mauer Documentary card he had posted, and it turned into a mini trade, and although it wasn’t exactly a team dump, Night Owl hit my wantlists nicely from among the other random cards that he sent, the treat being a Red Foil opening day card (see below) — didn’t even know of this parallel.

clockwise, from top left: 2009 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects #BDPP55 Tobias Streich, who is this guy?!; 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP76 James Beresford; 2008 Upper Deck Documentary #3860 Joe Mauer; 2006 Topps Opening Day Red Foil #127 Shannon Stewart [772/2006]

Thanks, Nox Strigiformes — hopefully some of the cards I sent you have come home to roost, too.

Night Owl Cards

Monday’s mail brought a package from Night Owl over at Night Owl Cards, the latest trade over the web – this time Twins for mostly 1971 cards from my childhood.  Night Owl whacked a few cards from my wantlist, plus a few that hadn’t made it onto the list yet.

Night Owl cards
clockwise, from upper left: 2009 Topps Toppstown Blue #TTT26 Joe Mauer; 2007 Bowman’s Best #6 Joe Mauer; 2006 Topps Gold #78 Nick Punto [359/2006] – not often you see “Punto” and “gold” together; 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection swatch #SM-FL Francisco Liriano

It turns out that there is a Toppstown Blue parallel, too.

Night Owl cards
clockwise, from upper left: 2008 Tristar #110 Ben Revere – my first Revere card?; 2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #2221 Joe Mauer; 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve #101 Brad Radke, I’ll take any excuse to post Brad; 2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #129 Carlos Gomez – GoGo, sad to see you go

Night Owl has a whole lot going on at his website — check it out, and make a trade with him, while you’re at it.  He has the Runner Seal of Approval (whatever that is).  Thanks again, N.O.