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“Fusion Friday Random 10 for $200, Alex”

Hats off to IBM’s Watson computer for kicking some royal Jeopardy! butt this week.  This weeks’ 10 random tracks are from Live365 using “fusion” as the genre search:

  1. “Leeward Winds” – Billy Cobham, Magic
  2. “(It’s Just) Talk” – Pat Metheny Group, Still Life (Talking)
  3. “Mirage” – Jean Luc Ponty, The Very Best of Jean Luc Ponty
  4. 68” – Lee Ritenour, 6 String Theory
  5. “Five G” – Bill Bruford, One of a Kind
  6. Tell Me” – Chad Wackerman, Forty Reasons
  7. “Swarming Goblets” – Brett Garsed, Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch
  8. “The Thinking Stone” – Planet X, Quantum
  9. “Silly Putty” – Stanley Clarke, Journey to Love
  10. “Gazelle” – Lenny White, Anomaly

Friday Random 10, Compliments Of Pandora

More light jazz/fusion for a Friday morning…

  1. Pigling Bland“, Soft Machine, 5
  2. “Climax: Theme for Astral Pirates”, Lenny White, The Adventures of Astral Pirates
  3. Spirit of the West“, Yellowjackets, The Best of the Yellowjackets
  4. Hot Fun“, Stanley Clarke, School Days
  5. “Lemme at It”, George Duke, Reach for It
  6. “Birdland”, Weather Report, Heavy Weather
  7. “Uncle Funk”, Deodato, Knights of Fantasy / Night Cruiser
  8. “Involuntary Bliss”, Eddie Hendersion, Anthology (Best of Blue Note)
  9. Ring of Life“, Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau, Metheny / Mehldau
  10. Mission Impossible“, Lalo Schifrin, ITV 50 – Cult Themes

Enjoy your weekend!