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Thoughts and Sox

Just completed a trade with AdamE over at Thoughts and Sox; well, not so much a trade as an exchange. As can happen over the ‘net with many of the great virtual neighborhood of collectors, testing the waters for a possible trade didn’t work out as planned, but still came out great.

Although AdamE is a fellow “Show Me” stater, he also is a fan of an out-of-state team — in his case, the Boston Red Sox. Among his wantlist were some ’71 and ’74 cards I still had from my youth, so I dropped AdamE a line.  In his prompt reply, he stated that he didn’t have many Twins at the moment, but asked for my address so he could send them my way anyway.  Dude!  Wanting to return the favor, I dropped Sparky Lyle’s 1971 hi# smiling face into a Christmas card and sent it off in return.  And when AdamE’s cards arrived, there were some fun ones among them.

clockwise, from top left: 2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee (Target black border) #458 Joe Nathan; 2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #554 “Moments”; 1998 Bowman David Ortiz in his best “holding the runner on-OMG don’t throw it to me!” pose; 2008 Topps Update Gold #UH290 [756/2008] Carlos Gomez

My thanks to AdamE for the cards. Feel free to drop him a line if you have something he might want.  And AdamE, I still have more where that ’71 came from, so let me know if you stumble across any other Twins in the future!

A note on the Joe Mauer “Moments” card pictured above: This is the game in question, an interleague game at Arizona, and as you can see, Joe went hitless.  The back of the card praises Joe as he “…helped the Twins keep a big inning going…as they scored five times in the fifth to take the lead.”  With two outs in that inning, Joe reached on a GB error.  L-A-M-E, Upper Deck.  Still, in their defense, they didn’t say “Great Moments” or anything.