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Instrumental Friday Random 10

Rest your voices, it’s Instrumental Music this Friday…

  1. Pennants” – Steve Howe, The Steve Howe Album
  2. Die Bunge” – Cluster & Eno, Cluster & Eno
  3. “Ice Dance” – Geoff Downes, The Light Program
  4. “Flasher” – Rick Wakeman, Rhapsodies
  5. The Spider” – Kansas, Point of Know Return
  6. “Presto Vivace” – UK, Night After Night
  7. “An End to History” – Synergy, Audion
  8. “L’Arc en Ciel” – Alan Parsons, A Valid Path
  9. Movements II” – Vangelis, El Greco
  10. Forest” – Rubaja & Hernandez, High Plateaux

Have a great weekend!


Pandora Friday Random 10

Been a while; time to get on the Friday Random 10 treadmill again…

  1. “Shine on You Crazy Diamond (live)” – Pink Floyd, Delicate Sound of Thunder
  2. “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” – Rooney, Calling the World
  3. “Leaving Me Now” – Level 42, World Machine
  4. “Show Me Mary” – Catherine Wheel, Chrome
  5. “Endless Sacrifice” – Dream Theater, Train of Thought
  6. “Portrait” – Kansas, Point of Know Return
  7. “Omegaman” – The Police, Ghost in the Machine
  8. “Far West” – Kraan, Flyday
  9. “Only You Understand” – George Duke, Cool
  10. “Chopsticks” – Jeff Lorber, Narada Jazz: The Singles

Love those Hypgnosis album covers.

Pandora Friday Random 10

This week I got an email from pandora.com saying that I was close to the limit of how much I could listen to Pandora in a month for free.  Here’s hoping that I get my 10 thumbs-up tracks before I reach that limit.

  1. KraanPolarity” – Kraan, Dancing in the Shade
  2. “Flood” – Jars of Clay, Jars of Clay
  3. From the Beginning” – Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Trilogy
  4. “Escape” – Journey, Escape
  5. Carry on Wayward Son” – Kansas, Leftoverture
  6. Secret Separation” – The Fixx, Walkabout
  7. The Sound of Muzak” – Porcupine Tree, In Absentia
  8. “More Than This” – Roxy Music, Avalon
  9. “The Dance of Eternity” – Dream Theater, Metropolis pt 2: Scenes from a Memory
  10. Baby Blue” – Bad Finger, Straight Up

Whew, made it.

Pandora Friday Random 10

Tryin’ something different this Friday; I’m letting Pandora* do the picking.  Here are the first 10 “thumbs-up” tracks to pop up on random setting:

  1. donnie irisAh! Leah!” – Donnie Iris, 20th Century Masters – The Millenium Collection: The Best of Donnie Iris
  2. “Lights over Roswell” – Djam Karet, The Devouring
  3. Fall on Me” – REM, The Best of the IRS Years: 1982-1987
  4. “Cynical Weathers” – Burnside Project, The Finest Example is You
  5. Song for America” – Kansas, Sail On: The 30th Anniversary Collection 1974-2004
  6. “Trans-Island Skyway” – Donald Fagan, Kamakiriad
  7. “Brain Damage” – Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
  8. Wouldn’t It Be Good” – Nik Kershaw, Greatest Hits
  9. “Take Me Home Tonight” – Eddie Money, Can’t Hold Back
  10. “Here I Wait” – GTR, GTR

* If you haven’t tried out Pandora, you need to give it a whirl.  You can create your own “stations” by identifying a song or performer, then Pandora will offer random tracks which are similar, based on many different criteria from it’s Music Genome.  You can tailor your station by adding more song(s)/performer(s), and by giving “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” as the track is played.  This is a GREAT way to find music that you might be unaware of but is similar to other music you like.  Give it a try!