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Joe Cool

Not long ago I was able to snag one of Joe Mauer’s rookie autograph cards; with a little luck I was able to do it again, and this time in a lot that contained eight other rookie autograph and relic cards from 2002 Bowman’s Best.

2002 Topps Bowman’s Best #110 Joe Mauer (auto)

I’ve already turned three of the extra eight cards into five additional Twins relic cards that I needed. That’s the kind of transaction that a card trader likes to have!

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(Above) Average Joe

Whenever I see your smiling face
I have to smile myself
Because I love you

Your Smiling Face” – James Taylor

2002 Bowman Heritage #BHA-JM Joe Mauer (auto)

I luckily managed to find one of Joe’s rookie year autograph cards on The Bay at a price well below the normal going price there. Even though it was poorly categorized and hidden among all the other cards listed on eBay, when I stumbled upon it I recognized it for the card that it is. Welcome home, Rookie Joe!

Some more acquisitions below the break…
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AK-Mal and His Wonderous Mauer Time Machine

Since meeting AK-Mal years ago on when I was a regular at StreamingSoundtracks (that is, when my work laptop could properly stream their audio), we’ve met regularly for lunch and a laugh when I’m in Omaha on business trips.

When we got together this last time, we were able to exchange our belated Christmas gifts; me the 2010 Union Pacific company calendar and a 1995 SP John Elway card (AK’s a Broncos fan), and AK three Joe Mauer cards!  Not just any three; two of them were 2002 rookie cards, back when Chairman Mauer’s sideburns were just a glimmer of what they are today.  Schhweet!

clockwise, from top left: 2002 Topps 206 #271 Joe Mauer; 2002 Topps #622 Joe Mauer; 2009 Topps Unique #65 Joe Mauer 

The third was a Topps Unique from last fall, showing the more mature, post-MVP-All-Star-Three-Batting-Title catcher. Thanks, dude!

Here’s a little contest that Play at the Plate is hosting…

“Henotes Island” and a Mauer sighting

Sunday evening was the wrap-up of the latest year of “directing” Sunshine Choir, as the combined Rainbow Choir and my K/1st graders in Sunshine Choir performed their year-end performance, “Henotes Island”.  The story follows six contestants in a “Survivor”-style game (each contestant having a particular talent) as they eventually learn to work together united in Christ.

The performance went very well, and parents and friends enjoyed it greatly.  Of particular note, “Senator Speaks”, the dapperly-dressed Connor, had an unusual button among the campaign buttons he wore on his suit jacket: 

Henotes Island

Hurry back, and God Speed, Joe!