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Halloween Costume

Managed to come up with a Halloween costume this year…

no, it’s not too soon!

Sorry, it would not have been worth it to cut my hair short as well.


Halloween, Incognito

With October 31st almost upon us, I thought I’d post a few costume photos from the past, fwiw. These are not highlights (good God, no!) but just pictures I happened to have found lying around…

Halloween 1973
Bro Al on the left and me, just about ready to take to the car and do havoc on the neighboring farm homes.

Halloween 1980
First year of college, taken in Livingstone Lord Library at Moorhead State University. Most all of 2nd floor of Nelson Hall marched through Dahl Hall and other buildings (to Jeff Lorber Fusion’s “Monster Man” blaring on the boombox) squirting anyone with squirt guns if they happened to open their doors.

Halloween 1983
Senior year at college, doing my best D.P. Gumby impression.

Halloween 1985
OMG, how embarrassing! An aluminum bat?!

Halloween 1986
This was just after US News & World Report reporter Nicholas Daniloff was held in Russia on spying charges (notice press pass tucked into hat brim). The key to all good photos is to hold an impressive pose.

Interestingly enough, the hat and trenchcoat have been my typical “costume” for the past several years, mostly because their convenient, warm, and still just as scary!

Enjoy your Halloween night, kiddos…

The Ghost of Halloween Past

Halloween means, among other things…jack-o-lanterns!  I’ve managed to photograph all the jack-o-lanterns carved each Halloween (more-or-less) since our move to the St. Louis area in 1990. Here’s a year-by-year inventory:

1992 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
1992: well, Mo outdid me with her large jack-o-lantern in the middle

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