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Four Letters And A Mystery

First, the mystery: I was browsing eBay and I stumbled across the Bowman autographed card below. If you look closely, you’ll see that it does not look like the signature says “David Bromberg” — in fact, with a little research I found that it is in fact Red’s prospect Robert Stephenson’s signature. Well, errors happen all the time (don’t they, Topps?), but the mystery comes in when I look at checklists for the autograph cards in 2011 Bowman Sterling Prospects (or Bowman Sterling MLB Future Stars, which ever name you choose) and this card is not listed. In addition, I’ve never seen another one listed for auction or sold on eBay, whether refractor or not. This card does not exist anywhere else that I’ve seen.

2011 Bowman Sterling Prospects Refractor #BSP-DB David Bromberg [154/199] (auto ERR)

And now the four letters…which are of course, G, C, R, and L, and that spells GCRL, proprietor of Garvey Cey Russell Lopes. A package arrived with a nice minor league GU of Kyle Gibson, half of Donruss’ 1965 WS tribute Twins set, and a few other Topps and Bowman singles that I needed. All in exchange for Dodgers cards, which never really feel at home here on my desk and are always looking for a place to go…

clockwise, from top left: 2012 Topps Pro Debut Minor League Materials #MLM-KG Kyle Gibson (jersey); 2012 Topps Gold #111 Kevin Slowey [0188/2012]; 2005 Donruss 1965 Twins #16 Jim “Mudcat” Grant; 2013 Topps Chrome Update #MB-38 Kyle Gibson; 2013 Topps Pro Debut #175 Jose Berrios; 2005 Donruss 1965 Twins #26 Billy Martin

Thanks once more, GCRL!

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Another Trade With The Acronym Dude

The other day gcrl (no, not the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory) tried to slip a cold trade past my outer defenses, but I thwarted him from unwittingly adding to my piles of Twins dupes sprawled across my work desk. Undaunted, he hit my wantlists with a package of cards that I happily added to my inventory. And in exchange for Dodgers cards, even! Besides almost all the Twins base from this year’s Topps Updates, here are a few of the other goodies:

clockwise, from top left: 2013 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations #SC18 Josh Willingham; 2005 Donruss Prime Patches All-Star Materials #ASM-1 Johan Santana [190/277] (jersey); 2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams #6 Jim Kaat; 1999 Pacific Omega #142 Cristian Guzman / Jacque Jones; 2001 Pacific Private Stock #68 Jacque Jones; 2001 Donruss Classics #70 Jacque Jones; 2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #81 Jacque Jones; 1998 Topps National Pastime #173 Ron Coomer

Lotsa Jacques there, gcrl — thanks again for the swap!

And a few GU acquired through trade and purchase:

clockwise, from top left: 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Black #101 Joe Mauer [077/125] (jersey); 2012 Topps Update All-Star Stitches #AS-JM Joe Mauer (jersey); 2013 Topps Update League Leader Commemorative Pins #LLP-RC Rod Carew; 2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Destination Stardom #DSM-DS Denard Span (jersey); 2001 Topps Fusion Feature #F16 Matt Lawton (bat); 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Limited #DA-MO Justin Morneau [072/130] (jersey); 2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Destination Stardom #DSM-JM Joe Mauer (jersey); 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Swatches Gold #SSW-FL Francisco Liriano [19/75] (jersey)

A Four-Letter Trade

Another season, another blind package from gcrl at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes. gcrl has been good with remembering to send a Twins pocket schedule, and here came this season’s along with a sweet triple jersey GU, a couple Gold Rush parallels, my first Topps Sticker from this year, a couple hits on older Twins cards, … and he got rid of a lot of slag. 😉

Here are a few representative cards that I needed:

four letter
2007 Upper Deck SPx Winning Materials Winning Trios #WT-15 Johan Santana w/Garcia,Zambrano [12/30] (triple jersey); 2005 Fleer Skybox Autographics Inscriptions #86 Harmon Killebrew [039/150]; 2012 Topps Gold Rush #95 Chris Parmelee; 1999 Topps Chrome #211 Mike Lincoln w/Dotel, Penny; 2013 Twins Schedule; 2013 Topps Sticker #83 Trevor Plouffe

Dude — Dodgers coming back at ya! Thanks again.

Four Sheets To The Dodgers Infield

Another blind package from Garvey Cey Russell Lopes — what’s gcrl been drinking?! In the package were a couple of real nice AU cards, several vintage (ones from my wantlist, too), and – sweet! – pocket schedules! Not only the 2012 Twins schedule, but the Spanish one as well. Very nice.

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGA-LF Lew Ford (auto); 2004 Donruss Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #210 Jason Bartlett [439/500] (auto); 1963 Topps #293 Bill Pleis; 2012 Twins Schedule; 2012 Twins Spanish Schedule; 1965 Topps #421 Gary Dotter/Jay Ward

Well, time to round up another interesting cadre of Dodgers cards to send northward — thanks again, gcrl!

The Four Horsemen Of The Dodgers Infield

The other day, I received a small package from gcrl of Garvey Cey Russell Lopes. It was hard to categorize: it appeared to be a team dump masquerading as a shotgun trade; a feel-good mailing that looked more like a junk wax extravaganza.

In the box was a well-balanced meal of cards from my wantlists: Topps, Bowman, Pacific, Upper Deck, Donruss, Fleer, and even an “oddball” Subway card that I’d never seen before. They were carefully packed between a slew of commons (and not-so-commons) that I’ll now have to find a home for. I gave gcrl good-natured grief about it, but the package was definitely appreciated. Here’s a sampling of some of the keepers:

clockwise, from top left: 2011 Topps Pro Debut #63 Max Kepler; 1999 Fleer Tradition #511 Benj Sampson; 2010 Subway Ron Gardenhire; 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball 1941 Series #35 Harmon Killebrew; 2002 Donruss Elite #71 Corey Koskie; 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #36 Harmon Killebrew; 1995 Upper Deck SP Championship Series #168 Pedro Munoz; 2009 Topps Unique Red #98 Denard Span [0222/1199]

You’ll get yours, dude. You’ll get yours! 😉

The Former Dodgers Infield Scores Big

gcrl from Garvey Cey Russell Lopes was one of my earliest trading partners, so when I came across some nice Dodgers cards recently, I went back to the well to see if any Twins cards had piled up there since the last trade.  The answer was a resounding “yes!”  Captured below are a few representatives of the relics and other cards wiped from my wantlists in this swap:

clockwise, from top left: 2005 Donruss Champions Impressions Materials #299 Paul Molitor; 2005 Donruss Prime Patches #P-47 Jacque Jones [015/100]; 2005 Topps Chrome Autograph #231 Kevin West; 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History Timeless Moments Jersey #TM-28 Joe Mauer

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GCRL Sweeps the Doubleheader

It’s been a while since my first trade with GCRL, so when I was visiting Garvey Cey Russell Lopes and noticed that he was looking for ’71 Topps singles, I thought I’d strike up another trade.

Before I could package up what I’d pulled, his box had already arrived. And it looked like it was loaded for bear…

clockwise, from top left: 2009 Topps Wal-Mart Black Border #36 Kevin Slowey; 2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Checklist #6, huh – never seen these before, but there’s a Twin on it, so I guess I need to collect these, too; 2000 Upper Deck Exclusives Silver #424 Todd Walker [26/100], my first of these bad boys; 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve #102 Todd Walker

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Wheelin’in’ and Dealin’in’

In the past few weeks, I’ve completed three successful trades over the internet (I say completed, but I have yet to get all the cards filed in binders yet), and wanted to give a shout out to each of them; they are all great trading partners, and have my full endorsement.

Matt F. over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius agreed to the first trade, finding a home for some of my well-loved 1971 cards (ie: years from being near-mint) in exchange for a slug of Twins.

classic phone card Next, Spiff (Texas Rangers Cards) and I exchanged a few emails and put together a Rangers / Twins exchange.  I find it interesting that I’m not the only one who gets more of a thrill from the oddball than the valuable.

Lastly, GCRL at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes sent me a cr@pload of Twins, which I countered with some Dodgers and missing set cards he needed (including a sweet 1961 Drysdale that I got a good deal on).  I still have a ton of 90’s singles to wade through yet (pretty sure I have most of them — the hazards of a hit-and-miss wantlist).

One (of several) reasons I decided to take the plunge and create my own blog was to have a home-base for trades like these, and to start putting my want list in a public location.  Maybe I’ll see about also creating a page to house what I have to trade (which is modest, but has some interesting stuff mixed in).