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I Get By (With A Little Help From My Friends) — Part 2

Three-way trades? How blasé. All the hipster card traders are dabbling in four-way trades now. Pretty successfully, too.

In the midst of some other trades, I got an email from Tony of Ike’s Cards asking about a trade. A (more-or-less) local trader to me — cool! The father-son trading duo had several Twins cards I needed, including a Thome relic and a Gassner auto card; problem is, Tony collects Cardinals cards, and Ike collects Markakis cards (among other PCs), and I was lacking inventory in both areas. Time to hit the rolodex.
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I Drank The Orange Kool-Aid; It Was Good!

While checking out dgreen1899’s trade bait page at Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid, I spotted three Twins auto cards for trade. After a few emails back and forth, some ’71 Phillies, a Topps Silk card, and a slew of Gypsy Queen Orioles and Phillies were on their way in exchange for the auto cards, a Bazooka Red Chunk, and several “mystery cards”. Well, dgreen1899 did good; there was a really nice variety of Donruss, Fleer, and Topps cards, including several Justin Morneau Generation Now singles.

clockwise, from top left: 2006 Co-Signers Solo Sigs #SS-CB Boof Bonser (auto); 2006 Signs of the Future #SOF-HS Henry Sanchez (auto); 2008 Topps Gold #574 Scott Baker [1676/2008]; 2004 Donruss Elite #180 Jason Bartlett [0466/1000] (auto)

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