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Before I get to honoring the prize package, I wanted to list a couple recent trades. First, one more swap with BobFranklin from SCA, Phillies-for-Twins:

2005 Donruss Zenith #ZB-40 Jacque Jones (jersey); 2005 Topps Opening Day Target Exclusive #44 Shannon Stewart (jersey)

Second, a quick little exchange with Matt at Cardboard Conundrum, Cubs-for-Twins:

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Straight Cut mini #119 Justin Morneau; 2003 Donruss Playoff Piece of the Game #POG-44 J.C. Romero (auto/jersey)

Lastly, I want to express my appreciation to Brian of 30-Year Old Cardboard who held a contest celebrating his 500,000th(!) hit. I was randomly selected for the top prize, this beauty:

2002 Fleer Greats Authentic Autograph Andre Dawson

And Brian already has 8,000 hits since then! I gotta get me one of those kind of counters. 😉 Thanks again for the great prize; The Hawk was a quality player.

Mail From “Back Home”

This trade was pretty neat: besides the fact that he had some nice Twins cards for trade, Matt from Cardboard Conundrum lives in Fargo, the area where I went to college, and he works just a short Sunday drive from the farm I grew up on. It’s refreshing to trade emails with someone who knows what “Wasted Acres” is, or has (possibly) been to the classic art deco Fargo Theatre. Oh, and he collects Cubs and Penguins cards, of which I had some.

clockwise, from top left; 2007 Upper Deck SPx Winning Materials Bronze Dual #WM-JN Joe Nathan [16/25] (jersey); 2006 Upper Deck SPx Rookie Signatures #152 Boof Bonser [711/999] (auto); 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects Refractor #BPA-JB Joe Benson (auto); 2010 Topps Chrome #202 Drew Butera (auto)

Matt, keep me in mind if you run into any other Twins items; people are always getting rid of Cubs cards here in Cardinals territory! Thanks again for the trade.

The Eyes Have It

The hazel eyes of Lonestarr, that is. The proprietor of Behind These Hazel Eyes contacted me about the Cubs trade bait post from a while back, and for a couple relic cards and some other Cubs paraphernalia, I became the recipient of a Twins team dump. Well, and some other nice cards I needed, too — among them my first Twin from the Pack Wars set, first Sweet Spot Update card, first Fleer Legacy card, a couple autos (“The Real Deal” Durbin!!1!), and several TriStar cards (including a Ben Revere parallel #’d to 50). I don’t actively collect Twins minor league cards, but I also don’t turn them down.

clockwise, from top left: 2004 Fleer Legacy #52 Joe Mauer; 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars Clear Path to Greatness #150 Garrett Jones; 2008 TriStar Projections Green #110 Ben Revere [40/50]; 2004 Donruss Studio Private Signings #110 J.D. Durbin [134/250], “The Real Deal”

One of these cards is not like the other…

clockwise, from top left: 2009 Upper Deck Generation Now #GN28 Joe Mauer; 2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic #MM-45 Joe Mauer (w/Sabathia); 2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Update #54 Torii Hunter; 2005 Topps Pack Wars #24 Joe Mauer

Thanks for the trade, Lonestarr! Keep your (hazel) eyes open for any other Twins cards in the future.

TRADE BAIT! (Cubs Edition)

Time for another trade bait post — after the jump are scans and photos of the Cubs cards that I have for trade for comparable Twins cards currently in my wantlists — click on the “Continue reading” link below to see them. Featured are many Sosa and Prior cards, some relics, complete 2002 Topps set, and several of the 1974 Topps set.

If you have any specific questions about anything you see here, please feel free to ask. I have access (indirectly) to a lot more than this, too, if interested.

Continue reading

What Exactly Is “Community Gum”?

I recently parleyed my contest winnings at Community Gum into a bit larger trade, including Twins from a box of O-Pee-Chee cards. I won’t bother to show the Twins cards here, as most were featured on their website. I may singlehandedly get Jon over his Maddux collection goal for the year.

But like you all, I have often wondered exactly what IS Community Gum? Well, as a member of the Ministry of Information Retrieval (“Be Safe; Be Suspicious”), I did some digging and uncovered the following details:

Community Gum is located in a modest building at an undisclosed location in the Chicago metro area. Besides Jon and Andy, there are seven additional full-time workers, well paid men and women hired from the area’s underprivileged and unemployed. They and their staff spend the day opening, sorting, and organizing packs and boxes of cards, as well as packaging and addressing trades and contest winnings, and all have some modicum of blogging skill and take their turns creating the posts on the website.

The “gum” part of Community Gum is interesting. When packs are opened that contain gum, that pink chewy substance is meticulously stacked and lovingly carried to the back room, where a converted wine refrigerated storage case is used to store them in optimum temperature and humidity. After the weekly Friday contest idea conferences, some of the gum is retrieved as a “way to go!” treat for everyone for a job well done.

Well, it’s possible that not all of the information is entirely accurate, but you get the idea — Jon & Andy have a quality setup, and I enjoyed the trade.

Cards From Another World

Justin’s World, that is. No, it’s not named for Justin Morneau, whose card I saw in this post, which precipitated the trade. The blog’s proprietor Justin sent some cards from my wantlists (and a minor junk wax team dump) for several Cubs cards. (and btw, keep your eyes open in the next week or so for a Cubs trade bait post, FYI)

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Bowman Heritage Prospects #BHP66 Steven Singleton; 2007 Upper Deck First Edition Pennant Chasers #PC-JM Joe Mauer; 2006 Upper Deck #285 Torii Hunter, did he catch it?; 2005 Upper Deck Pro Sigs #101 Daylan Childress

Thanks again, Justin!