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Santa’s Helper Has A Name: goyboy

Back in October I made a big purchase from goyboy at his Blujay Online Market website, and on a whim I recently went back and took a look at what he had there.  Besides several more Twins cards I added to my cart, he fished through some others boxes and when all was said and done, the 200+ cards I bought from him (for a little over $60) topped the 149 cards from the previous purchase.

There is such a variety of great cards, I had to show a sampling from each brand.

clockwise, from top left: 2001 Topps Stadium Club Super Teams Twins; 2004 Topps Fall Classic #FC1987 Twins vs. Cardinals; 2008 Topps Opening Day Tattoo TC Bear; 1993 Topps Rockies Inaugural Year #200 Kirby Puckett; 2003 Topps Total Total Topps #TT17 Torii Hunter; 2003 Topps Traded Gold #T274 Trent Oeltjen [0890/2003]

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goyboy <– Check Out His Marketplace!

As a part two to my previous post, while browsing at a site called Blujay Online Market, I kept coming back to lots of neat Twins cards from a seller named goyboy, so I decided to see what sort of order I could put together. While watching a Cardinals playoff game, I put together a $49 order of 140 cards from my wantlists! Too good to be true?

clockwise, from top left: 2005 Fleer Ultra Season Crowns Platinum #50 Brad Radke [26/50] (auto); 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Navy Blue #100 Justin Morneau [16/50] (jersey); 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts MLB Apparel Limited #MLB-JM Joe Mauer [129/130] (jersey); 2007 Fleer Genuine Coverage #GC-TH Torii Hunter (jersey)

No! So, what was in my order? It included:
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Wantlist Shopping The Blujay Way

While browsing through my pre-2000 wantlists a while back, my eye caught the two 1990 Donruss Learning Series cards that have been on my wantlist for, well, over 20 years. On a whim, I Googled it, and besides the ever-present eBay listings, I found one listed at a site called Blujay Online Market…for $.10! Turns out Blujay is a free place where people can list items for sale, but the site provides no guarantees that the different shop proprietors there are trustworthy or not. Well, at that price, I’d be willing to give seller logavw a whirl. Besides the Hrbek Learning Series card, I chose seven other cards I needed. Here are a few:

clockwise, from top left: 2006 Topps Wal-Mart #WM4 Joe Mauer; 1990 Donruss Learning Series #36 Kent Hrbek; 2001 Topps Thru the Years Reprint #29 Rod Carew; 1997 Score Select Registered Gold #103 Todd Walker

Yep, he was legit, and shipped my cards promptly. But wait until my next post to witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station online market place!