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A New Year Friday Random 10

WMP-fired random tracks from the external HD:

  1. Pretending to Care” – Todd Rundgren, A Capella
  2. “My Baby” – Wings, Wings at the Speed of Sound
  3. “Swing Street” – Bruce Hornsby, Hot House
  4. “Standing on Higher Ground” – Alan Parsons Project, Gaudi
  5. “Bordeaux” – John Tesh, Tour de France soundtrack
  6. Goodbye Girl” – Toto, Toto
  7. “Hearing Aid” – They Might Be Giants, Flood
  8. Shangri-la” – Electric Light Orchestra, A New World Record
  9. Endless Horizon [I Love BoB mix]” – Electric Skychurch, Moog soundtrack
  10. Siberian Khatru” – Yes, Close to the Edge

Back to work!

Instrumental Friday Random 10

No vocals this week — starting out the year with an instrumental set:

  1. Antonia” – Pat Metheny, Secret Story
  2. “Genesis Ch. 1 V. 32” – Alan Parsons Project, I Robot
  3. Bookstore” – Jon Brion, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack
  4. “No. 1” – Chick Corea, Children’s Songs
  5. Far West” – Kraan, Flyday
  6. In the Lap of the Gods” – Alan Parsons Project, Pyramid
  7. “The Chill Air” – Harold Budd & Brian Eno, AMBIENT 2 – The Plateaux of Mirrors
  8. Introit, Op. 6 for Small Orchestra and Solo Violin” – Gerald Finzi, FINZI: Nocturn, Severn Rhapsody, …
  9. “Spirit of Summer” – Deodato, Prelude
  10. He Had a Hat” – Jeff Lorber, He Had a Hat

Have a great weekend!

Pandora Friday Random 10

Another Friday, another 10 random tracks off of Pandora

  1. (The System of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether” – Alan Parsons Project, Tales of Mystery and Imagination
  2. “Beyond This Day” – Phil Keaggy, 220
  3. “Secret of My Success” – Night Ranger, The Best of Night Ranger
  4. “Elevator Love” – Stars, Heart
  5. “Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey, Escape
  6. “The Pass” – Rush, Presto
  7. “Mother” – Pink Floyd, The Wall
  8. “10 Days Late” – Third Eye Blind, A Collection
  9. “Do It Again” – Steely Dan, A Decade of Steely Dan
  10. “My Romance” – David Grisman & Martin Taylor, Tone Poems II


Pandora Friday Random 10

Friday already?!

  1. “Inside Out” – Chick Corea, Inside Out
  2. “I Robot” – Alan Parsons Project, I Robot
  3. “Hell’s Bells (live)” – Bill Bruford, The Bruford Tapes
  4. “Angela Smiled” – W.G. “Snuffy” Walden, A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years of Windham Hill
  5. “The Voice” – The Moody Blues, Long Distance Voyager
  6. “Do You Compute?” – Donnie Iris, 20th Century Masters – The Millenium Collection: The Best of Donnie Iris
  7. “Josie” – Steely Dan, Aja
  8. “Gothic 17” – Bill Bruford, Master Strokes 1978-1985
  9. “Linus and Lucy” – David Benoit, 20th Century Masters – The Millenium Collection: The Best of David Benoit
  10. “Lost!” – Coldplay, Viva La Vida

Enjoy the fish!

Friday Random 10

TGIF!  Time for random tracks…

  1. “Playing Love (Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: The Legend of 1900)” – Ennio Morricone, Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone*
  2. “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” – The Police, Every Step You Take: The Singles
  3. “Learning to Fly” – Emerson, Lake & Powell, Emerson, Lake & Powell
  4. “The Golden Age of Steam” – Steve Hackett, Darktown
  5. “Special Cases” – Djam Karet, Ascension
  6. “Shamburger” – Stephen Rippy, David Rippy, Kevin McMullan, Age of Empires Compilation Soundtrack
  7. “Prelude for St. Joan” – Roger Eno, Between Tides
  8. “Secret Garden” – Alan Parsons Project, Eve
  9. “An Arc of Doves” – Harold Budd & Brian Eno, AMBIENT 2: The Plateaux of Mirror
  10. “Dharma Reggae” – Ozric Tentacles, Erpsongs

* I shooped this cover photo and used it for my entry in the 2006 StreamingSoundtracks “Sexiest Man” contest.  I obviously never won, but I was pleased not to receive sympathy votes.

Pandora Friday Random 10

Mixin’ it up again this Friday…

  1. PFMPhotos of Ghosts” – Premiata Forneria Marconi, Photos of Ghosts
  2. “Back in N.Y.C” – Genesis, Archive 1967-1975
  3. “Used to Bad News” – Boston, Don’t Look Back
  4. “Hard on Me” – Asia, Asia: Gold
  5. My Only Swerving” – El Ten Eleven, El Ten Eleven
  6. “Closer to Heaven” – Alan Parsons Project, Gaudy
  7. Kyrania” – Bjorn Lynne, Wolves of the Gods
  8. “Birthright” – a-ha, Analogue
  9. “Love Strikes” – Escobar, A Thousand Last Chances
  10. “Jungle Love” – Steve Miller Band, Greatest Hits 1974-78

Insect Photo of the Day:

Mo and I were by the breakfast nook yesterday afternoon, and I was annoyed to see a green lacewing laying eggs on the sliding glass door.  On closer observation (with my myopic, non-bifocalled eyes), I noticed the “raptorial” front legs, and ran to grab my camera.

Green Mantisfly (Zeugomantispa minuta)
Green Mantisfly (Zeugomantispa minuta)

A Birthday Friday Random 10

Birthdays on Fridays are sweet…

  1. freudianaDestiny” – Eric Woolfson, Freudiana
  2. “1988 (Robert Fripp)” – Various Artists, Angels in the Architecture
  3. “San Francisco 1906 (Excerpts)” – Synergy, The Jupiter Menace soundtrack
  4. “The Floater” – Henry Mancini, The Music from Peter Gunn
  5. Never Ending Story” – Klaus Doldinger & Georgio Moroder, The Never Ending Story soundtrack
  6. Pipeline” – Alan Parsons Project, Ammonia Avenue
  7. Why Does the Sun Shine?” – They Might Be Giants, Severe Tire Damage
  8. “America (bonus track – single)” – Yes, Close to the Edge
  9. “Relay Breakdown” – Synergy, Electronic Realisations for an Electronic Orchestra
  10. “A Miner” – Joe Hisaishi, Laputa: The Castle in the Sky soundtrack (Image Album)

regarding #3 & #9: we were big Synergy fans in college (still am); Synergy is Larry Fast, electronic keyboard pioneer.  If you haven’t heard him as Synergy, you might have heard him playing keyboards on Peter Gabriel’s early albums & tours.  His first LP Electronic Realisations is brilliant.

An Empty Nest Random Friday 10

The first “empty nest” Friday requires a special soundtrack — let’s see what ten comes up on the shuffle first:

  1. delaysWanderlust” – Delays, Faded Seaside Glamour
  2. “The Storyteller” – Wakeman with Wakeman, Tapestries
  3. “Redrap” – Geoff Downes, The Light Program
  4. “Gills” – James Newton Howard, Waterworld soundtrack
  5. “Fantasia” – Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder, The Never Ending Story soundtrack
  6. “Earth Dance” – Brand X, Masques
  7. I Robot” – Alan Parsons Project, I Robot
  8. “Blurry” – Puddle of Mudd, ACE COMBAT 5: The Unsung War soundtrack
  9. “Sever” – Porcupine Tree, Stars Die: The Delerium Years 1994-1997
  10. “Masked Ball” – Jocelyn Pook, Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack

What a super list:  several soundtrack numbers, one of the greatest instrumental tracks (#7)…TGIF!