30th Anniversary Vacation – Kauai (pt 2)

(continued from here)

Upon our arrival to Kauai, we drove the short distance north to our Kapa’a condo, and soon learned the “Kapa’a Crawl” — named after the unfortunate traffic pattern in the area. The weather was a bit overcast and breezy, and we were happy to find groceries and eating establishments just across the street, so we did a little shopping and set up our home away from home.

The next morning we made our first outing on Kauai, driving the hour or so to the 18-mile scenic route along Waimea Canyon. Two words: Oh wow!

Waimea Canyon, with Waipo’o Falls

There were several places where one could pull off the road and view the huge vista stretching from the north to the south, with most featuring the Waipo’o Falls somewhere in view. We went to the very end to Kalalau Lookout, but the cloud cover just gave us ghostly glimpses of the tops of the landscape on either side.

At this point I should probably mention the ubiquitous fowl of Kauai: chickens! There are banty chickens anywhere you look on the island: at high elevations, at the beaches, along roads, in parking lots — you name it. You can read about the chickens and Hurricane Iniki here.

Following our scenic drive through the center of the island, we stopped for shrimp at Shrimp Station (where chickens roamed between the picnic tables looking for dropped food) and then went to the south side of the island, to Salt Pond Beach. We managed to spend some relaxing time in the sand and not get a sunburn, too. Win!

Just up the way was the Kauai Coffee Company, so we stopped by there for a while and visited their shop and watched some video of their operation.

The next day I decided we should try to hike to nearby Ho’opi’i Falls, since we hadn’t really done any hiking yet. One of the reasons we hadn’t done any hiking is because there had been bouts of light rainfall, but it had dried a bit by then. Well, not enough! The top of the trail was a little tacky, but the trail got muddier and slicker as we went — our light clothing did a good job of showing the rusty brown color of the volcanic dirt that the island is known for.

Ho’opi’i Falls

Mo called off about 2/3 of the way, but I managed to get to the head of the waterfall and capture a few pictures. Of course before we met up and got back to the car it started to pour, so we had a soggy ride back to the condo.

We managed to get cleaned off, but our clothes may never be the same. We relaxed a bit before venturing south to Poipu and Eating House 1849. We had eaten at Roy Yamaguchi’s restaurant in Oahu previously and were very impressed with the food, so this was our second venture to one of his establishments. We weren’t disappointed — it was delicious.

(continued in Kauai: pt 3)

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