25th Anniversary Vacation – O’ahu: pt 2

(continued from here)
When we were making our Hawaii plans, one of the things we’d kicked around was touring the movie sites on O’ahu as a way of seeing some more of the island. We had our eye on KOS Tours, and found ourselves down in the hotel lobby early in the morning for our pickup time; we had no problem identifying our ride: a large gray Hummer.

Besides Mo and I, we had the pleasure of riding with a young couple from Melbourne, Australia. On our way to the north side of the island, Jeff, our driver, pointed out several film locations, including one from The Descendants that Mo recognized right away. The majority of the film sites though were located in the picturesque valley of Kualoa Ranch.

kualoa ranch
a view of the ocean and Kaʻaʻawa Valley

There were many vistas that we recognized from LOST, as well as Jurassic Park and others.

the tower, minus Jughead

Overall it was a great five hours spent driving around some beautiful landscape.

Our other major adventure on O’ahu was to hike up Diamond Head. We set out in the morning bright and early and arrived via bus outside the crater. We traipsed through the tunnel into the crater itself, took a look around, then started up the trail. It became obvious early on that half of us bit off more than expected, but we both made it up to the top.

diamond head
the interior of Diamond Head crater

The view to the NW of Honolulu and Waikiki was outstanding, and well worth burning off several calories.

somewhere in that mess is our hotel…

At this point, we do some island hopping…
On to the Big Island in Hawai’i: pt 3


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