Ginter Relics Looking For A Good Home

Picked up an Allen & Ginter lot of 2013 full-size relics, and besides the Mauer card I needed, it included the following which are available in trade for comparable Twins cards:

#AGFR-AK Andre Ethier
#AGFR-MM Miguel Montero
#AGFR-CCS CC Sabathia
#AGFR-MR Mariano Rivera
#AGFR-CK Craig Kimbrel
#AGFR-SMC Shaun Marcum
#AGFR-IK Ian Kinsler
#AGFR-SR Scott Rolen
#AGFR-LD Lucas Duda
#AGFR-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

Also, don’t forget to check out the trade bait page!

Meanwhile, some more of my recent pickups below…


clockwise, from top left: 1999 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition #BR Brad Radke (auto); 2009 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey/Auto #GJ-JN Joe Nathan [95/99] (jersey/auto); 2004 Upper Deck Etchings Etched in Time Black #ET-LF Lew Ford [044/375] (auto); 2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic By the Letter #BL-SB [‘M’] Scott Baker [44/99] (manu-patch/auto); 2007 Topps Co-Signers #CS-MP Glen Perkins w/Andrew Miller (dual auto); 2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition #300 Trevor Plouffe [668/1329] (auto); 2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club Rookie #229 Adam Johnson [0169/1950] (auto); 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Signature Bronze B&W #132 Lew Ford [095/100] (auto)


clockwise, from top left: 2003 Fleer Flair Greats Cut of History Kirby Puckett (bat); 2004 Upper Deck Vintage Timeless Teams #TT-7 Jacque Jones / Torii Hunter / Doug Mientkiewicz / Shannon Stewart [094/175] (quad bat); 2004 Fleer Hot Prospects MLB Hot Materials #HM/JM Joe Mauer [055/325] (jersey); 2005 Upper Deck Reflections Cut from the Same Cloth Dual #CC-JS Johan Santana w/Steve Carlton [219/225] (dual jersey); 2005 Upper Deck UD Portraits Gold #54 Johan Santana [12/15] (jersey); 2002 Upper Deck 40 Man Super Swatch Gold #S-JM Joe Mays [13/40] (jersey); 2005 Upper Deck Reflections Cut from the Same Cloth Dual Blue #CC-MS Joe Mauer / Johan Santana [49/50] (dual jersey); 2007 Fleer Ultra Swing Kings #SK-JM Joe Mauer (jersey)

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