Spookymilk Play With The Prose — Challenge #9: First Taste of Power

Definitely the most difficult Play with the Prose challenge to date: in 300 words or fewer write a story about a person’s or group’s first taste of power. After shaking off several uninspiring ideas, I put fingers to keyboard at the 11th hour and typed out this simple tale:

For the first time that he could remember in his short life, Cody felt flush with the full attention of his family on him, waiting on his every word. It was HIS turn. His father, who was keeping an eye on the ice-trimmed road ahead of him as he drove them onward towards Florida, cocked his head in order to catch what Cody was about to utter. Sisters Shelly and Marilynn sat squirmily in their car seats on either side of him, waiting for the 20 minutes to be up so they could return to their Tinkerbell movies. Brother Jeff slouched in the van’s back seat among the baggage, impatiently holding his AT-AT walker between bouts of battles with The Empire. Even mom had put down her Sudoku pencil in careful anticipation. Cody glowed under his family’s focus, drinking it in.

It was Jeff of course who broke the silence. “Come ON already!”

“Jeff, be nice,” scolded Cody’s mom. She turned to Cody’s middle seat between his sisters and put her hand on his knee. “Whenever you’re ready, Cody.”

Suddenly Cody felt nervous, and his gaze went out the window. “Uh…” The methodical bumps of the van over the expansion joints in the highway didn’t help his concentration. “Er…” His glance wandered more, and suddenly he realized he was ready.

“I spy wiff my eye something…WHITE!”

The aftermath: RESULTS

The judges’ comments:
K: Cute, again. I suspected he was choosing the restaurant, but this got us to the same end. It also is, in its way, the most honest story of the lot, as this kind of situation at this age is probably the first taste of power for most people (albeit on a very small level). I’m not sure how this small story will stack up against the rest in the end – this is proving to be a very strong week. BRONZE

P: Heh, this season has certainly held a lot of “gotcha! It’s a kid!” stories. To be fair, this one doesn’t really try to hide that fact too much. Beyond that, I do get a chuckle out of the fact that Cody has been the opportunity of his life, and he wastes it on “spying” something snowy.

THE MEDAL STREAK IS OVER! Well, I’m not at all surprised. STANDINGS

  • We jokingly play this type of “I spy” on road trips, where we’ll name a color of something where there is only one obvious answer. Good for at least one chuckle.
  • I tossed around someone at a pharmaceutical meeting where a vote is being taken for a drug to go to human testing and lots of other so-so ideas, but didn’t have the gumption to tackle any of them.

Time now to reflect on the defining moment of someone’s life…


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