NCIS: Duryea, PA [2012 Topps Series 1]

Time to do the NCIS treatment to a 2012 Topps card; here’s the Series 1 Trevor Plouffe card (and it’s really him, not Drew Butera this time):

2012 Topps #249 Trevor Plouffe

This shouldn’t be too bad. What do we know?

1) Plouffe! is playing shortstop, or maybe second base
2) it’s a day game at the Oakland Coliseum
3) Ryan Sweeney is coming in hard with a take-out slide

Once more this was a no-brainer for the WGOM Citizens.:
– Plouffe! only played four games in Oakland at SS/2B; two in May and two in July
– Sweeney never played on 7/29 and was in no plays at second on 7/30, and Plouffe! played 2B those two July games
– the play never happened on 5/18, but 5/19 looks good. In that game in the bottom of the 4th, Sweeney drew a walk and then was doubled up on a Matsui grounder to second, 4-6-3.
– Minnesota won 11-1, and Plouffe! hit one of the three HRs that the Twins hit that day. They also made three errors.

There you have it — another case solved.


8 responses to “NCIS: Duryea, PA [2012 Topps Series 1]

  1. Okay, just one more and I’ll leave you alone.

  2. If you’re up for it, try this one:

  3. Dude, you rock. That is so fun. How about I pick a card and you solve the case?

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