Spookymilk Survivor X — (Optional) Challenge #10: Misleading Logline

The Spookymilk Survivor writer’s challenge for this week was optional, which was a nice touch during the holiday week. The goal was to write a letter from someone totally misunderstanding the basis of a movie.

This was another idea that came out of nowhere, but once I latched on to it, I knew exactly how I wanted to develop it:

Dear Timmy:

I am so proud of you for being selected for the exchange program! I know you will enjoy your three months away from home. My goodness, I was 28 before I left the country, and that was just to Winnipeg – you’re only 17 and going all the way to Thailand!

I didn’t want my favorite great nephew to go without a gift, so I looked to see if that nice Rick Steves from the PBS made a video for visiting Bangkok, but the store did not have one. I did find one by someone else, though I’m not sure who Emanuelle is, but she had a lot of videos so she apparently gets around. Anyway, the helpful man at the video store was sure that you’d learn a lot from it.

I’ve also sent a book of stamps, so you can write to me often. Take care, and fly as fast as the plane!

Love and kisses,
Aunt Ella

The video is of course Emanuelle in Bangkok, which is not at all what Aunt Ella wants to be giving to Timmy, regardless of the video store worker’s recommendation.

And the big payoff: RESULTS. Hey hey, my first immunity! The judges’ comments:

K: The sweet, familial tone here really drives the gag home. Is there really one with the word “Bangkok” in the title? Subtle!

DK: I laughed a lot at this one. I probably like it so much in part because it’s the only one that goes for a praise angle, but the naivete is both believable and hilarious, and it doesn’t drag out too much either.

So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice…


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