NCIS: Duryea, PA [2011 Topps Update]

Here’s a great card from 2011 Topps Update. It has a cool photo: bright colors, action shot, foreground image, and I like the horizontal format.

2011 Topps Update #177 Rene Tosoni

Now the question is, can we identify exactly what play is captured on this card? What can we tell right off the bat, so to speak?

1) no, it’s not Busch Stadium, this is in fact Target Field in Minneapolis
2) it’s a day game
3) #12 is shortstop Alexi Casilla
4) in order to make any deadlines for the Update set, it had to be a game from earlier in the season, and the long sleeves bear that up
Also, this isn’t a typical toss to the cutoff; probably an XBH or a deep flyball with a runner on first.

Once more I’m amazed with the gang at WGOM for their dogged investigations. What did they determine?
– Tosoni and Casilla only played in six home games together in which they were in the field and the opponent got a base hit
– of those six games, the first game of the April 28th doubleheader looks promising
– there were two doubles hit to left in that game, both by Ben Zobrist; since both were scoring plays, there was a chance it would be in the MLB archives, and it was!
– the play is a two-out, two-run double in the 7th inning
– the Rays won a 15-3 laugher; Ben Zobrist set a team record with 8 RBIs in this game
– the photo was of Tosoni playing in his first game in the majors; he collected his first two hits and was 2-for-4

So there you have it — another case successfully solved.


3 responses to “NCIS: Duryea, PA [2011 Topps Update]

  1. Nitpick, but your URL to the WGOM is a wee bit outdated.

  2. Nice NCISing-

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