Spookymilk Survivor X — Challenge #7: C’mon, Try It

Okay, it’s pretty safe to say that this challenge was not inspiring to me in any way.  Last week’s optional challenge was “Create a Challenge” (for which I submitted a slightly modified recycled idea from last time around), and unfortunately, this week’s challenge was one of the “winners“:  in 300 words or less, pick some aspect of everyday life and imagine someone was thinking of it for the first time.

I had a few ideas, but none that grabbed me:

  • the English language with no silent letters, presented as a professor’s college lecture
  • the English language based on Phoecian alphabet (or whatever) where certain letters didn’t exist, also presented as a professor’s college lecture
  • I even considered Spookymilk Survivor X without bhiggum, the person who came up with this uninspiring challenge!

My eventual submittal was:

A semi-conscious Kelvin reached over and thumbed the switch on his buzzing alarm clock, rubbed his eyes, and swung himself out of bed. Friday – he knew his wife was already on his way to work, and it was his turn to get the kids to school today.Kelvin noticed that the kids were already up and eating their breakfast.

“Hey Jim, did you know that in the wintertime when raisons aren’t growing anymore, that they use beetles from Mexico instead?” said Stephanie.

“Aw, shut up!” replied Jim, putting down his spoon of raison bran.

“Jim, don’t let Steph flip your toggles,” said Kelvin, glaring at his daughter’s grinning face.

After a quick shower and shave, Kelvin noticed that the laptop was left on on the kitchen table, and he accessed his Facebook, deftly flipping the rockers on the switchboard as he quickly replied to a couple of posts while the kids got dressed. “Do you have your books and homework?” he said over his shoulder as he heard them enter the room while he was logging off; they both mumbled in the affirmative. “Let’s go then,” he replied, hitting the microswitch to open the garage door.

As the kids in back strapped their seat belts, Kelvin adjusted his rearview mirror, tripped the radio preset switch #5 (his wife was listening to talk radio again, it appeared), and began backing out into the cul-de-sac.

“Hey Dad, why aren’t buttons like on my Game Boy used anywhere else?” asked Jim, as he powered up Kingdom Hearts.

“I don’t know – I guess if they could have, they would have,” Kelvin replied as he triggered the remote’s microswitch to close the garage door as they started up the street.

To which Stephanie turned to Jim and said, “Stupid!”

I thought a simple “slice of life” narrative would work the best (ie: easiest). It seems like game systems have been an important way for several innovations to be created, which led me to the ending idea.

And finally, thanks to a couple non-submittals, team SPOILER ALERT! gets a break.  RESULTS

K: “Flipping the rockers on the switchboard” to use Facebook sounds like a horrifying process, but hey, the layout of the keyboard doesn’t make much sense and every American has it memorized. I really like this, but without a major moment, it’s going to get buried in a week that was so much better than any of you expected. 3

DK: I like this idea, but I wish it was a little more of someone being convinced that buttons could be more useful instead of just observing they’re not used. 2

Meh, a 2.5 average, I’ll take that…


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