Spookymilk Survivor X — Challenge #1: Fiction 59

It’s been over a year since my first Spookymilk Survivor writer’s challenge, and I felt sufficiently foolish enough to dive in once more. Survivor X is on!

My talented team of writers is named SPOILER ALERT!, and unlike last time, this mix of participants are folks I don’t know (other than freealonzo), so it will be entertaining to see how our writing styles mesh…or don’t!

The first “optional” challenge, which was not an elimination challenge, was good ol’ friend Fiction 59 — write a story in only 59 words.

I really enjoyed this one last time around. I had an initial idea for this one, and instead of considering other ideas as well, I decided to make myself run with it.

To be performing on stage with all her idols — it HAD to be a mistake. Rocky had a more realistic storyline. Yet here she was, plying the drums, laying down a beat with the tightest jazz all-star ensemble, well, EVER. She glanced around as she played, taking it all in. And ever so carefully, Sharlee added…more…cowbell…

RESULTS My goal was to depict a musician, in this case a young female jazz percussionist, totally over her head, and innocently blowing it. I fell back on an old crutch to depict her downfall, that of adding more cowbell — well, hey, you only get 59 words! No matter how carefully it’s done, adding more cowbell to a jazz performance is probably not a good idea. Both judges picked up the “wide-eyed newcomer” feel of the story that I was going for, and my score was about where I expected.

Next week’s challenge is going to be…challenging.

3 responses to “Spookymilk Survivor X — Challenge #1: Fiction 59

  1. Aw, Rhu. No passive-aggressive jabs at the judge’s competence? Or do you not feel as confident not being in The Winner Group?

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