goyboy <– Check Out His Marketplace!

As a part two to my previous post, while browsing at a site called Blujay Online Market, I kept coming back to lots of neat Twins cards from a seller named goyboy, so I decided to see what sort of order I could put together. While watching a Cardinals playoff game, I put together a $49 order of 140 cards from my wantlists! Too good to be true?

clockwise, from top left: 2005 Fleer Ultra Season Crowns Platinum #50 Brad Radke [26/50] (auto); 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Navy Blue #100 Justin Morneau [16/50] (jersey); 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts MLB Apparel Limited #MLB-JM Joe Mauer [129/130] (jersey); 2007 Fleer Genuine Coverage #GC-TH Torii Hunter (jersey)

No! So, what was in my order? It included:

  • 7 GU/AU cards (all pictured here)
  • my first Sportscaster card [#/35]
  • 5 Artist Proof / Press Proof cards
  • 18 Upper Deck 40 Man singles
  • 3 UD Documentary from my every-dwindling wantlist
  • 13 different Gold cards – Medallion / Chunk / Border
  • 22 Pacific singles
  • 4 short prints
  • untold parallels and inserts

clockwise, from top left: 2004 Donruss Sportscasters Orange #18 Harmon Killebrew [18/35]; 2003 Fleer Authentix Jersey AuthenTIX #JA-TH Torii Hunter (jersey); 2005 Upper Deck All-Star Classics Midsummer Swatches #MS-TI Torii Hunter (jersey); 2005 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tribute #DT/JS Johan Santana (jersey)

Why would I shop with goyboy again? 1) great inventory; 2) great prices; 3) he substituted heavily for one card he couldn’t find that I had ordered; 4) to top it off, he shipped it Priority Mail, which he really didn’t have to do. This is a very pleased shopper. Now, to go update my wantlists


One response to “goyboy <– Check Out His Marketplace!

  1. Cool site, I’ll have to check it out

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