More Kindness of Strangers (Some Stranger Than Others)

Once more a rash of gifts came at me, again from different (and sometimes unexpected) directions. And these have nothing to do with my upcoming birthday — more on that in a couple days, including a CONTEST.

First was a great treat from my “baby brother”; he and his family attended a recent Twins game, and the four of them each got a unique bobblehead giveaway, one of which he earmarked for me (and is much appreciated). This is my first bobblehead, a cheeky one the Twins organization had made to memorialize the infamous controversial wrestling/momentum play at first base during the 1991 World Series.

2011 20th Anniversary 1991 World Series bobblehead – Ron’s head doesn’t move well, but Herbie’s fervently bobs in agreement with the ump’s call

Next Mark, the owner of Baseball Plus, my LCS, surprised me with a few trinkets that I think he found on the cheap with me in mind. Not sure what spurred this, but I definitely like them!

Twins chopper, emblem patch, and logo magnet

Lastly comes a package from Ernest at Blue Heaven. He was holding a series of Beatles CD giveaway contests, and I stumbled upon one soon enough after it was posted to put in the winning guess. And Ernest wasn’t satisfied to send me just the CD; no, he send a slew of early ’90s packs, a bunch of Topps mini Leaders cards, and a small stack of Twins cards. What’s up with that?! Cool.

The Beatles “Love” CD, along with some Twins, Topps mini Leaders, and some rippable goodness

Thanks guys!


2 responses to “More Kindness of Strangers (Some Stranger Than Others)

  1. Can’t go wrong with The Beatles 🙂

  2. For a second there I thought Gant was getting a spanking!

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