It’s Happening!

First, the email:

RE: 167 2/3 Bill Campbell
From: Radio Network
Congratulations, you have won a pair of tickets to the Twins game on Monday, Spetember 26th! Please reply to all with your address and phone number.

Thanks, and again congratulations!

Looks like that July 15th correct email answer to the Twins radio trivia question paid off. Then, the subsequent letter:

Minnesota Twins Baseball Club
Dear Twins Fan:
Congratulations on being drawn as a winner of the US Bank Question of the Day contest. Enclosed are your tickets. Enjoy the game and thanks for listening to the Twins Radio Network.

Go Twins!

The two tickets are for the first row of the Home Run Porch out in left field – sweet! Gene & I are already beginning to work out our travel plans. Can’t wait!


And speaking of the Twins radio trivia question, I answered another one (#11 this season) this past weekend. Q: Cesar Tovar broke up four no-hitters during his career; who were the pitchers in those games? A: Dave McNally, Mike Cuellar, Barry Moore, and Dick Boseman

4 responses to “It’s Happening!

  1. I heard Atteberry talk about how you and some other guy were fighting for the lead. Very cool about the tickets!

  2. Congrats on the tickets… Right in the front row. Next time they ask a trivia question, try respond back that you won the tickets and were wondering if they were going to throw in for a couple Ball Park Franks as well.

    Question about breaking up a no-hitter: If you are a lead off batter, every time you get a hit in the first inning you are breaking up a no-hitter. Are there qualifications that they use for the category, breaking up a no hitter?

    • If there was only one hit in the game, then that hit technically broke up the no-hitter. The the 1970 game against Boseman, Tovar DID lead off the Twins’ only hit.

      In any other case when the leadoff batter gets a hit in the first, well, he’s just doing his job.

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