Feeding Thousands

For a second year, COS sponsored a weekend of Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit based in Minnesota that uses volunteer work and an incredible 94% of donations towards shipping healthy, life-sustaining food to those who most need it. Mo, K, and I were there for the opening shift on Friday, anxious to do our part again where we could help.

We got over the jokes about the white hair nets (everyone is required to wear them) by the time the orientation meeting is over, and then volunteers are split up between tables to get down to the work at hand. With jobs such as doling out the measured ingredients, checking meal weights, sealing packages, boxing the sealed packages, refilling ingredients tubs, hauling boxes, weighing boxes, stacking pallets, labelling packages, etc., there is enough going on that the two hour shift goes relatively quickly.

Here’s another box!

I decided to be a box jockey again this year, and haul the full boxes from the various tables over to the weighing table. Mo and K were busy at a table weighing packages, and K did some ingredients measuring as well.

Looks like they’re enjoying themselves!

Our shift filled boxes with 32,616 meals. Over the entire two days, we packaged and boxed enough for over 128,000 meals! That is a lot of lives touched.

If you get a chance to participate in one of these events, DO IT! If not, please donate at the Feed My Starving Children website.


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