Shane Mack On Baseball Cards

With the sudden migration of The WGOM to a new location, several suggestions for the future were made for what things to continue, what to change, what to retire, and what new to add. I used to handle the “library” there, but I think I’ll expand it to cover collectibles of all kinds. One idea for a post that I’d been sitting on and decided to pull out as a new post there (and also here, while I’m at it) concerns a handful of similar cards that caught my eye regarding a former Twins ballplayer.

I noticed a while back that the various baseball card companies have been pretty single-minded in their choices for front photos for Shane Mack’s baseball cards. Shane was a popular (and good) ballplayer with the Twins, and if you collected baseball cards in the early ’90s, you’d know that he was quite the hustler on the base paths. To the left is his 1991 Upper Deck card #188.

clockwise, from top left: 1991 Topps #672; 1993 Topps #282, dive back into first?; 1994 Upper Deck #197, okay, it’s not head-first; 1995 Topps #8; 1993 Upper Deck #236; 1992 O-Pee-Chee #164

Until someone proves to me otherwise, Shane Mack is the king of the head-first slide horizontal baseball cards.

2 responses to “Shane Mack On Baseball Cards

  1. He may have been the king of the head-first slide (the ’91 Topps card is the best of the bunch), but he sucked out loud on my fantasy team.

  2. Wow, I’d seen the 91 Upper Deck and the 95 Topps, but never all of them like this! I love it – nice discovery!

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