CSI: McLean (VA)

McLean, Virginia that is, headquarters of USA Today, the publishers of the former Baseball Weekly, where this week’s Detective Work photo was found. I loved this one when I saw it the first time, and clipped it for posterity.

photo credit: Baseball Weekly

What can we find out about this particular photo? These are some things I can tell you up front:
1) it’s Chuck Knoblauch making the acrobatic play (duh)
2) Twins are wearing their road pinstripes
3) from the stats on the back of the photo’s page: Knoblauch had played in 93 games (with an OPS of .846) by that point in the season

Well, the gang from WGOM again took to the challenge (once more led by a bored Andrew) and ran with this one, and here’s what they decided:
– based on the outfield scoreboard, pitcher #37 of Montreal was taking on pitcher #29 of Atlanta; the Expos have 0 runs in the 3rd inning
– John Smoltz wore #29 for the Braves; #37 is Pedro Martinez. This game is in 1994.
– on July 25th, the two faced each other in Atlanta (this game) while the Twins played in Texas
– of the two ground balls to Knoblauch that game, the best candidate is an Ivan Rodriguez offering to Knobby’s right in the 3rd inning. Both games started at the same time, so the matching innings are a good fit.
– 2nd base ump is Terry Craft, while Pedro Munoz watches on from left field.

There you go — Knoblauch is making great throw to Jeff Reboulet (?!) to nip Pudge at first in a Twins’ loss at Texas on 7/25/1994. And a ‘roided up Canseco hit his 27th homer in the game.

4 responses to “CSI: McLean (VA)

  1. I would vote for him, expecting him to lose, just because he was briefly awesome. If I had a vote, I don’t expect I’d be any better (or worse) at it than many of the current electors. I’d have my own petty biases. I never saw him as a HS player and said “Some Day I’m voting him into the HOF,” but it isn’t that far off.

    I didn’t say four players that belong in the hall, just four that would get my vote.

  2. Four players that I would vote into the HOF there… Pedro, Smoltz, Pudge, and Knobbers.

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