“Fusion Friday Random 10 for $200, Alex”

Hats off to IBM’s Watson computer for kicking some royal Jeopardy! butt this week.  This weeks’ 10 random tracks are from Live365 using “fusion” as the genre search:

  1. “Leeward Winds” – Billy Cobham, Magic
  2. “(It’s Just) Talk” – Pat Metheny Group, Still Life (Talking)
  3. “Mirage” – Jean Luc Ponty, The Very Best of Jean Luc Ponty
  4. 68” – Lee Ritenour, 6 String Theory
  5. “Five G” – Bill Bruford, One of a Kind
  6. Tell Me” – Chad Wackerman, Forty Reasons
  7. “Swarming Goblets” – Brett Garsed, Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch
  8. “The Thinking Stone” – Planet X, Quantum
  9. “Silly Putty” – Stanley Clarke, Journey to Love
  10. “Gazelle” – Lenny White, Anomaly

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