My Omaha Winter Gulag, Day Three

Day Three: With supplies dwindling, we learn that travelling parties are again being led across the Eppley-Lambert Pass, and we brave frigid temperatures to reach the trailhead. Our party is the first of the day allowed to set out, and we anxiously make our way onward. Upon nearing our destination, we were made to wait interminable minutes while room is made at the Lambert end of the trail (travellers were arriving from all corners of the country). I heartily bade farewell to my fellow journeymen, and completed the rest of the trip while surveying the weather-beaten countryside. There was nothing more exciting to these tired eyes than seeing the homestead coming up over the rise, and reaching the warm embrace of loved ones.
– Rhubarb_Runner

2 responses to “My Omaha Winter Gulag, Day Three

  1. Did Mo even know you were gone?

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