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Cards From The Night Owl — Now In 3-D!

Night Owl from Night Owl Cards and I swapped a few cards, and I was surprised by what I found when I opened the package after getting back from my Omaha business trip: Topps cards now have DEPTH!

No longer was flat, 2-dimensional cardboard sufficient for “The Monopoly”. No, these cards jump right out at you…literally. If you look at the scan, you can see the sweeping motion of F-Bomb’s delivery accentuated by the corner-to-corner curl of the flashy chrome card. Alex Burnett’s 6′ height is visually enhanced by the top of the card bending away from you as you hold it. Yessiree, there is no way Spock would be able to sneak up on Topps in the Mutara Nebula!

clockwise, from top left: 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP203 Max Kepler; 2010 Topps Chrome refractor #98 Francisco Liriano; 2010 Topps Chrome XFractor #188 Alex Burnett; 2010 Topps Chrome XFractor #187 Luke Hughes

Thanks again for the trade, Night Owl. Looking forward to seeing the next great advance in card technology. Spellcheck, maybe?


“A Couple Twins Commons” He Says…

Yeah, another trade post; it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Not long ago when my Mets trade bait post went up, I got a comment from Steve offering a couple Twins commons for three nice Mets cards. While I initially dismissed his offer, he was persistent, and his “couple commons” was just an overgeneralization on my part. From there, a few back-and-forths and we had a trade. Nothing fancy (unless you count a couple nice Chrome cards), but lots of bonus points for hitting my wantlists with some 1990s stuff.

clockwise, from top left: 2002 Fleer Hot Prospects #59 Corey Koskie; 1995 Topps Bazooka #112 Chuck Knoblauch; 2008 Topps Chrome XFractor #31 Justin Morneau; 2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects #132 Jesse Crain

If you had a web presence, I’d drop a link and give it some love, but I guess this thanks will have to do. Thanks for the trade Steve!

Do I Get A Discount For Hitting The Buffet Multiple Times?

In what is nearing the tail end of a busy trading period, three packages went out the door today…and three packages arrived — NOT at all a typical day. This post covers the first of the packages that arrived, which happens to be from frequent trade partner BA Benny from BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet. BA Benny took a heads-up on the Mets trade bait post and ran with it, and we eventually had a trade filled with relics/autos, Topps Gold, and other miscellaneous cards. (images after the break)

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Instrumental Friday Random 10

No vocals this week — starting out the year with an instrumental set:

  1. Antonia” – Pat Metheny, Secret Story
  2. “Genesis Ch. 1 V. 32” – Alan Parsons Project, I Robot
  3. Bookstore” – Jon Brion, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack
  4. “No. 1” – Chick Corea, Children’s Songs
  5. Far West” – Kraan, Flyday
  6. In the Lap of the Gods” – Alan Parsons Project, Pyramid
  7. “The Chill Air” – Harold Budd & Brian Eno, AMBIENT 2 – The Plateaux of Mirrors
  8. Introit, Op. 6 for Small Orchestra and Solo Violin” – Gerald Finzi, FINZI: Nocturn, Severn Rhapsody, …
  9. “Spirit of Summer” – Deodato, Prelude
  10. He Had a Hat” – Jeff Lorber, He Had a Hat

Have a great weekend!

Is Someone Watching Out For Your Collection?

Over the years I guess I’ve earned some special privileges from the owner of the local card shop here, including taking home cards to trade (many of them for cards featured here in trade posts) and pay for later, or to return if they weren’t traded. His prices are very reasonable, and by trading the cards, I’m putting money into his pocket…or wherever he keeps his money. A win-win-win situation.

Well, Mark also keeps his eye open for any Twins cards that turn up as well, and on my most recent stop by I bought the blue border Chrome card below, and then he thought to ask me how my 1961 collection was — he had just received several cards from that set. While the Sandy Valdevielso high number he showed me was one that I knew that I had, he then asked me about the Earl Battey All-Star card. Immediately bells went off in my head, and I let him know that that SP was one of my “holy grail” vintage cards. Not only did he have it, and at a fair price, but the condition was really outstanding.

left to right:  1961 Topps #582 Earl Battey All-Star SP; 2010 Topps Chrome Blue #83 Orlando Hudson [076/199]

If you don’t currently have someone watching out for your collection, hopefully you stumble across someone someday. And thanks again, Mark!

Anatomy Of A Three-Way

OMG, get out of the gutter! A three-way trade! Sheesh.

I’d always been fascinated with sports trades in which three different teams could logistically come up with a trade between each other where players would end up heading off into any combination of directions. The thought of eventually pulling one off with a baseball card trade has been equally fascinating, and I finally found a situation and a couple of patient traders who were willing to play along. It went something like what follows (guys, correct me if I got any of this wrong)…

Things started out fairly fortuitously with The Daily Dimwit posting some of his 2007 UD Masterpieces, which included a couple nice Twins hits. I owed The Dimwit already for some cards he’d graciously sent my way and I already wanted to return the favor, but in this case I didn’t have anything swell Astros-wise to trade…yet. Enter trader #2.

(…Joe) from The Sandlot dropped a note out of the blue wondering if I was interested in the Twins cards from his really, really, (really!) sweet Topps Unique break. I didn’t participate (I have to limit the number and amounts of PayPal that pop up in Quicken), but I was certainly interested, and with my Mets trade bait post almost ready to go, I gave (…Joe) an early crack at what I had. I also mentioned that I was looking for Astros cards for The Dimwit. He found several Mets cards to his liking, and also pointed my to his trade bait webpage which had some other Twins cards that caught my eye…and some Astros!

I presented (…Joe)’s list to The Dimwit, of which there were two nice Astros cards that he wanted, and (…Joe) was able to settle on some of my ’71 Mets cards (on the condition he show them the love and attention that cards from my youth deserve), so that half of the three-way was settled. I suggested that he and The Dimwit check to see if there were any cards they wanted to swap between themselves as well, since packages were going to be mailed to us all already. Lastly, I sent a package of Astros that I had here off to The Dimwit (mostly for the Manship autograph from this break), taking care of the other half of the three-way.

And as icing on top of it all, (…Joe) received the “Travellin’ Lee” card that had been passed to me from Sewing Machine Guy. I don’t remember who started this fun idea either, but my contribution was to dub it the Travellin’ Lee — a card this infamous needs a name, and Cliff’s card has certainly done his share of travellin’ already, if you take a look at the locations written on him.

As you can see, a three-way trade takes some work, but it’s definitely fun and worth the effort. Anyway, my portion of the haul can be found after the break by clicking the Continue link. Thanks again, guys — hope you enjoyed your cards, and look forward to future trades!

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What’s Happening? Plus Another Box Break, I Guess

Well, the calendar’s changed (no, not mine; I still haven’t taken care of that yet) but things still are rolling along like before. The outside lights are down, the tree was hauled out back and recycled (it was a GOOD tree; drank all its water and didn’t drop needles) and Mo & K got up the gumption to purge a couple decades of biological experiments from the fridge. And my bowl picks went belly-up with the Big Ten’s inspiring performance yesterday.

I went to the basement recently to dig up some “flashback” material for future posting here (a couple massive Strat-O-Matic seasons from the mid-80’s) and stumbled upon a forgotten binder of early-2000’s Twins cards — a great Christmas surprise to me from me. Nothing too fancy (a 2002 T206 Mauer being the most valuable) but it took a lot out of my wantlists and included a 2002 Topps Gold and Stadium Club Gold card, and a few SPs.

WordPress sent a nice State of the Blog summary to my email this morning. Interesting to see the amount of activity, and that the most searched items leading people here were eclectic phrases like amtrak business class, tony pena catching stance, halloween pumpkins, and homer hanky — go figure. Speaking of homer hankies, I felt it was time to update the blog banner to include the last two seasons of hankies. The most recent one (framed as a Christmas gift – thanks Mo!) looks especially sharp with a blue matte.

Back to the blog — WordPress identified my Feb post of a double box break of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts cards as the most visited of last year. Well, although I wasn’t that pleased with the product, I decided to give the people what they want, so here’s a follow-up for ya:


2010 Kellogg’s Limited Edition Gingerbread Printed Fun Pop-Tarts cards

While at the local Target store, I found these discounted 75% to a what-the-heck price of $.77 a box — not in the baseball card section, but in the seasonal clearance section for some reason. Like before, Kellogg’s packages these two cards to a pack, six packs to a box. Although they are “limited edition” I could find no mention of the print run. And although it didn’t say it, the box images make me think that the set includes some Team USA players. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Kellogg’s pulled the same trick as Upper Deck with this set: not one team name or logo was visible on their cards, so they avoided Topps’ crack legal team. Unfortunately, the images that WERE on them were also not easy to discern. None of the players were easily made out (although the one pictured here is readily identifiable as Chone Figgins) and the “printed fun” effects were disappointing. At least this time around Kellogg’s got their collation problems resolved.

I kinda like this set, even without the discounted price. K thinks they sound “gross” but she’s not a baseball fan, so take that for what it’s worth.

Well, I’ll be upset if the most-read blog post of the new year is this one. That’ll teach me to do another Pop-Tarts cards box break first thing in the new year.

Here’s hoping you have a great year, everyone!