My Omaha Winter Gulag, Day One

Day One: Rations are low but holding out so far. Weather started wet and cool, but quickly turned to chilly and mixed. I have endeavored to delay transportation home an extra day in hopes that the journey will be safer, but I am now unsure whether provisions will last. Have also procured an additional night of shelter at a local establishment, but spirits are waning as the weather looks to steadily decline. I will attempt to continue these journal entries as a document of my travails here, either as a tribute to my unflagging hope or as a memoir of my miserable last days. Only the good Lord knows which at this time…
– Rhubarb_Runner

3 responses to “My Omaha Winter Gulag, Day One

  1. Must report that my situation is much better than yours. Local establishments are well stocked. Fish and spirits are plentiful. Should we need to delay our return in order to accommodate others, we would be happy to oblige. Be careful in your travels, brother, we still have much to accomplish at the homestead before crops are warmed by the summer heat.

  2. We can only hope you will pull through this man. If only Egypt had the Internet, they could read of this struggle and put aside their minor differences. Your journal could save the world, if only.

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