Instrumental Friday Random 10

No vocals this week — starting out the year with an instrumental set:

  1. Antonia” – Pat Metheny, Secret Story
  2. “Genesis Ch. 1 V. 32” – Alan Parsons Project, I Robot
  3. Bookstore” – Jon Brion, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack
  4. “No. 1” – Chick Corea, Children’s Songs
  5. Far West” – Kraan, Flyday
  6. In the Lap of the Gods” – Alan Parsons Project, Pyramid
  7. “The Chill Air” – Harold Budd & Brian Eno, AMBIENT 2 – The Plateaux of Mirrors
  8. Introit, Op. 6 for Small Orchestra and Solo Violin” – Gerald Finzi, FINZI: Nocturn, Severn Rhapsody, …
  9. “Spirit of Summer” – Deodato, Prelude
  10. He Had a Hat” – Jeff Lorber, He Had a Hat

Have a great weekend!

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