Is Someone Watching Out For Your Collection?

Over the years I guess I’ve earned some special privileges from the owner of the local card shop here, including taking home cards to trade (many of them for cards featured here in trade posts) and pay for later, or to return if they weren’t traded. His prices are very reasonable, and by trading the cards, I’m putting money into his pocket…or wherever he keeps his money. A win-win-win situation.

Well, Mark also keeps his eye open for any Twins cards that turn up as well, and on my most recent stop by I bought the blue border Chrome card below, and then he thought to ask me how my 1961 collection was — he had just received several cards from that set. While the Sandy Valdevielso high number he showed me was one that I knew that I had, he then asked me about the Earl Battey All-Star card. Immediately bells went off in my head, and I let him know that that SP was one of my “holy grail” vintage cards. Not only did he have it, and at a fair price, but the condition was really outstanding.

left to right:  1961 Topps #582 Earl Battey All-Star SP; 2010 Topps Chrome Blue #83 Orlando Hudson [076/199]

If you don’t currently have someone watching out for your collection, hopefully you stumble across someone someday. And thanks again, Mark!

One response to “Is Someone Watching Out For Your Collection?

  1. yeah those 61 All Star cards are tough finds. The Battey is definitely a nice pickup

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