K-Dog With A Twins-For-Twins Trade

K-Dog, contributor over at The Mojo Beard, originally hit me with an offer of trade for some Fan Favorite cards, and a trade dialog was started. When I found out that he was another Twins collector living away from God’s Country, well, you gotta help a guy out! What turned out a bit humorous is that, when all was said and done, he didn’t send me any Fan Favorite cards! (well, okay, I just got several in a recent trade before he had the chance)

What he DID send me was a nice slug of cards from my wantlists (I’m always grateful to a trader who can wade their way through those): Bowman and Bowman Heritage, Bazooka and Cracker Jack, Donruss Champions, and a few other miscellaneous singles.

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Fleer Crowning Achievement #CA-JS Johan Santana; 2006 Topps Gold #458 Luis Castillo [0386/2006]; 2005 Bowman Heritage mini #150 Johan Santana; 2006 Topps Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #BDP10 Boof Bonser

I enjoy choosing cards to display in each trade post, and it has to be amusing to my trading partners why I might pick the cards that I do.  Certainly “showcase” cards are a must, but I also like to pick a nice variety of players and card styles, and also serial #’d or unusual cards.

clockwise, from top left: 2006 Topps Bazooka Stamp #23 Johan Santana; 2004 Topps Cracker Jack Sticker #53 Torii Hunter; 2005 Topps Cracker Jack #85 Johan Santana (pitching variation); 2005 Topps Cracker Jack #85 Johan Santana (portrait variation); 2006 Topps Bazooka #114 Lew Ford

K-Dog, hope you find the cards (and other things 😉 ) that I’m sending you as equally well-liked as what you sent me.  Keep me in mind for whenever you accumulate any doubles. Go Twins!


One response to “K-Dog With A Twins-For-Twins Trade

  1. Glad you liked the cards. I will keep digging and see what else I can find for you.

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