Joe Morgan Just Doesn’t Get Vangelis’ “Albedo 0.39”

Joe Morgan: The guy that wrote “Albedo 0.39” can’t teach me about the Earth. That is what I meant. If you haven’t been on the planet, why should I listen to your song? How can that person teach me about the Earth? I learn plenty about the Earth everyday. Every Sunday night I learn something. The Earth changes almost every day. But I’m still not going to listen to “Albedo 0.39” or songs written by people who haven’t been on the planet or really experienced what goes on in life on the Earth. *

* Okay, that’s been paraphrased; Joe said that about Moneyball, not “Albedo 0.39”, but since it’s Music Friday at WGOM, well, hey! Just reminiscing about the song and all the “stats” in it had me thinking that obviously Joe Morgan wouldn’t care for the song at all.
Vangelis was a favorite of “my group” in college, and “Albedo 0.39” is a nice little spoken word track.

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