Trade Terminology, and a Make-Good P(s)TBNL

This list isn’t comprehensive by a long shot, but here’s a list of some terms I use when describing trades. Nothing earth shattering, like “bipping” someone (hat remains tipped towards Thorzul), but just some terminology I’ll throw out from time to time.

  • team dump : “Hey, I’m sending you every single [insert team name] that I’ve got.”
  • prisoner exchange : this is where the Yankees collector trades with the Red Sox collector, for instance
  • shotgun trade : a slew of random stuff is sent, in hopes that several hit the mark
  • PTBNL : the trade is still open, knowing that another card(s) will be sent later to round out the trade
  • wing-and-a-prayer : “I’m going to mail him this card and hope that the card he says he’s sending me is [insert desired card].”
  • dosey-doe swap : a long-standing trade with packages that keep getting sent back-and-forth, sometimes over months
  • make-good package : a later mailing that cleans up some loose ends from a previous trade(s)
  • junk wax extravaganza : name says it all; often times associated with a team dump
  • feel-good mailing : unsolicitedly hitting up someone’s want list with no expectation of a return package

Feel free to use ’em (they’re free!), and post a few of your favorites in the comment section.

In a surprise gesture from White Sox Cards, a package arrived the other day containing a make-good PTBNL (see above). I don’t need to get into the hows and whys of it, but what made this package unexpected was that there was a SECOND player to be named later as well!

left to right: 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History Cut from the Same Cloth #CSC-JH Andruw Jones/Torii Hunter [04/99]; 2010 Topps T-206 Mini Relic #TR-KS Kevin Slowey, might want to up the SPF

Dude, how very AL Central of you! 😉 I’ve already started stock-piling more stuff for you. Looks like a dosey-doe in the works…


4 responses to “Trade Terminology, and a Make-Good P(s)TBNL

  1. the sewingmachineguy

    Ha! Funny.
    I’ve been ‘lopsided’ a couple of times. Meaning, I received way more than was necessary to fill out a trade package. The resulting guilt often leads to a make-good, and then a dosey-doe.

  2. I think I’ve done just about all of them at this point.

  3. Love your defenitions!

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