Spookymilk Survivor Challenge Friday Random 10

Well, all good things must come to an end, and Spookymilk Survivor Challenge week #16 was mine.  As a post-mortem sentiment, I’m glad to be voted off as a threat than for having an off week.  I had a great time, Spooky & Beau, and I enjoyed everyone’s writing creativity.  Oh, and The Winner Group über alles!

  1. “Transit” – Ira Stein & Russel Walder, Transit
  2. I’ll Come Running” – Brian Eno, Another Green World
  3. “I’m So Straight I’m a Weirdo” – Rick Wakeman, Rock & Roll Prophet
  4. Brother Up in Heaven” – Alan Parsons, On Air
  5. “London Town” – Wings, London Town
  6. “Tattoo” – Ohm, Amino Acid Flashback
  7. “Ventura Highway” – America, History: America’s Greatest Hits
  8. “If You Leave” – Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, The Best of OMD
  9. Treasure” – Trevor Rabin, National Treasure soundtrack
  10. “Rejection” – Lisa Gerrard, Whale Rider soundtrack

Have a great weekend, everyone, and let’s go AL Central Champion Twins!


5 responses to “Spookymilk Survivor Challenge Friday Random 10

  1. Sweeeeet. I’ ve let it be known to Brother S that a hankie would be appreciated.

  2. Yeah, better to go as a threat than for any other reason. Anyway, having done sixteen challenges, you’ve gone more weeks than it usually takes to win (this is the second-most players I’ve ever started with, and I occasionally have two eliminations in the first handful of weeks.

    I’ve been considering a format next time where everyone can do every challenge, and the low submissions are eliminated on my end but nobody sees the results until it’s over and we have a winner. I’ve got other ideas for getting more people involved for longer, too, ’cause really, everyone just wants to have fun doing the challenges.

    • I forgot to close my parenthetical. I hate that.

      • Here: )

        Well, I wasn’t “in it to win it” so I’m not let down at all. As it was, 16 weeks is a long time, so I don’t mind sitting out the post season.

      • Yeah, now that it’s about to be the postseason, I’m glad I’m a judge and not a player.

        Granted, if the postseason messes with the game, I’ll be sure to lengthen some deadlines.

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