MN Flashback V: Back to School (MSU-style)

With K heading back to Mizzou on Sunday to start her sophmore year there, I thought it would be an opportune time to flashback to my own college dorm life at Moorhead State University.

My first three years were all in room 272 of Nelson Hall, on the second of 11 floors. It was fun living in “The Beer Can”, whose cylindrical hallway was perfect for driving golf balls, throwing a frisbee, or maybe a bowling ball. Room 272 had a clear shot across the building and the elevators in the middle, right at the top of the stairs, so we always had a view of everyone’s comings-and-goings.

Nelson Hall room 272, Fall 1980

My sophmore and junior years we had a deck in our room, with the mattresses on the floor and chairs, shelves, and stereo on top. You always had to have a track queued up when someone else let their stereo get a bit too loud; “Carry on Wayward Son” always worked well against “Another One Bites the Dust” for instance.

the desk of a freshman CompSci major — note my roommate’s quadrophonic box on the left side of the desk

After three years in Nelson, it was time to move to a more “mature” dorm, which meant Neumeier Hall, fifth of 15 floors. Neumeier has has since been imploded, after uneven settling caused it to eventually lean.

Neumeier Hall (R.I.P) on left, Nelson Hall (“The Beer Can”) on right, with Holmquist Hall in front

Life in Neumeier was more relaxed, but I don’t have too many memories of dorm life there. Well, I only spent one year there, opposed to three years in my previous dorm room, after all.

Fifth floor Neumeier gang; myself bottom row second from the left

Bonus picture:  the Polaroid from my door from senior year; yeah, we all had one.  I added the number, because no mugshot should be without one.

I still have that hat!


2 responses to “MN Flashback V: Back to School (MSU-style)

  1. In all the time we spent together at MSU, I don’t think we ever hung out in your dorm room. The Apple lab, yes. Your dorm room, no.

  2. Yeah, a year on 8th floor, a year on 2nd floor with Kevin, two years on 18 1/2 Street with Kevin, and another 2 years in Fargo. Yeah, the 6 year plan. Nelson was fun though.

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