Spookymilk Survivor Challenge #6: Create a Challenge

Okay, I had some problems with this week’s Spookymilk’s WGOM writer’s challenge. I might get a little overly critical here about this particular challenge, but I can do so knowing that our judges don’t read anything said at ol’ “é rayhahn, rayhahn” at all. The challenge: create a challenge for later in the game. Yep, that’s it.

The Winner Group once more nailed down the high team average, continuing to live up to our name. Results

Okay, the problem I have with this challenge is that it really isn’t a writing challenge. What it is is doing the job of our lazy judges. This isn’t a challenge, it’s a discussion among people with drinks sitting around a hotel bar table. It’s a Facebook IM. It’s a conversation to pass the time on a long road trip.

Well anyway, here is what I submitted:

Challenge #___: So, Do You Like It, Or Don’t You?

This week’s challenge is to write a short positive review of a book (of your own creation), followed by a short negative review of that same book. 10 points are awarded: 2 points for the book idea and title, 4 points for the positive review, and 4 points for the negative review.

I was a little terse with my submission, but I just wasn’t getting into the spirit of it. I have a great idea for a book (don’t get me started on that; it’s already been stolen) that I’d love to used, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves here. Hopefully tomorrow’s challenge announcement will require some good imagination and, you know, some actual writing maybe? B^P


10 responses to “Spookymilk Survivor Challenge #6: Create a Challenge

  1. OK, snark or no snark, I think coming up with ideas or new styles is a huge part of writing that doesn’t get addressed by the classic “here’s a prompt, go nuts” challenge.

    If you can take direction and create something great out of that, congratulations, you’re a ghost writer.

    For creative writing, I think having a challenge that says “what are your ideas?” is pretty good. I like the challenge (and not just because I won 🙂 )


  3. Considering the WGomers are mostly dedicated, Create a Challenge might get some good ideas if done as a warmup before the first week begins. In Survivor VI, I’m not sure we would have gotten more than a few submissions, and it’s always good to get ideas from the creative minds of the group.

    I agree with all your points, other than us being lazy.

  4. Um, yeah, so I always read this blog.

    Anyway, I’ve thought long and hard about ditching this challenge, but I’ve done it since the beginning, and especially early on, it was one of the favorites among players.

    The problem is that in the early years, this game wasn’t a creative writing game; it was a variety of writing, trivia, artistry, photo scavenger hunts…a little of everything. As such, a Create-a-Challenge not only didn’t seem out of place, it would have seemed a missed opportunity not to employ the creativity of the players for such a thing.

    I realized it didn’t really fit this game very well, and I almost cut it even as I was typing the challenge. Instead, I decided to go with it and gauge the reaction to see if I wanted it to be part of the game anymore.

    Anyway, although your whining is a little much, I agree with you, and this one probably won’t return unless I do another variety game.

    Oh, and P.S.? It’s not “laziness.” I have over fifty challenge ideas laid out. I could’ve run a game with twice the players with only the ideas I have down. Pfffft.

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