Game On: Spookymilk Survivor VII Writer’s Challenge

When Spookymilk announced plans to start a WGOM-only version of his Writer’s Challenge, I was (foolishly) all over that, and threw my name into the hat along with 20 other (foolish) folks. The competition (the seventh that he’s hosted) pits teams of “writers” against each other Survivor-style in a weekly challenge, each challenge with a different interesting requirement.

When the three teams of seven were randomly divided up, team names were needed, and running with a WGOM gamelog reference to a quote by WGOM regular brianS, I suggested “The Winner Group”, which ended up the de facto name.

Big Mak Dread Pirate Will Young Andrew
CarterHayes frightwig Eric B.B.
DK Geoff GreekHouse
eschapp punmanbowler New Guy
FirstTimeLongTime SBG nibbish
hungry joe sean Rhubarb_Runner
rob UncleWalt Zack

Challenge #1 went out this week; I’ll post about it next Tuesday, along with my submission and results. I can’t wait to see how this goes!

Track of the Day: I’m dedicating this track to my fellow contestants in the other two Challenge groups — a great spoken-word track by Marc Jordan called “This is How Men Cry” and the following track “Charlie Parker Loves Me”


2 responses to “Game On: Spookymilk Survivor VII Writer’s Challenge

  1. The Winner Group represent!

  2. I am jealous of how nicely this looks. Oh well…I wasn’t made to be a visual artist.

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