StreamingSoundtracks Contest Photos Flashback

In the past, when I was more active at StreamingSoundtracks, I participated in what was tongue-in-cheek referred to at SST as the “Sexiest Photo Contest”. The contest has been held annually since ~2001 or so. The regular listeners would send in an “anonymous” photo taken within the previous twelve months, and then two webpages would be set up to display all the photos, one for the guys and one for the gals, where the listeners could vote on the “sexiest” photo.

A limited amount of photoshopping of the photos was allowed, so I decided to use soundtrack covers as the basis for my entries. Ennio Morricone was a big topic of conversation in 2006, so I took the beautiful album of Yo-Yo Ma playing his music. The following year, I took a cover from my favorite soundtrack composer (and an SST favorite), Joe Hisaishi.

2006 Entry:
contest entry, and original cover of Yo-Yo Ma Plays the Ennio Morricone

2007 Entry:
contest entry, and original cover of Joe Hisaishi Meets Kitano Films

Even though I haven’t been a regular visitor that last several years, I guess I should keep my eyes open for the 2010 contest announcement this fall. There are plenty more great soundtrack covers out there…

Track of the Day: My favorite movie track, “The Sixth Station” from Spirited Away, by Joe Hisaishi


5 responses to “StreamingSoundtracks Contest Photos Flashback

  1. neonswimmergirl

    I love Sixth Station. It is one of my favorites too.

  2. “No sympahy votes!” was my moto for dating in college. Kind of like your picture campaign, I got no votes either…

    Don’t let Dono B. see the picture that you used for the 2007 entry. I think he is the only one still alive that can verify that it was the mug shot taken by the Canadian RMP’s from that incident circa. 1979.

  3. How did you do in the voting for sexist photo. Your pics were OK – should have gotten you into the top 200 or even cracked the top 150. You may want to consider just sending in a picture of your praying mantis for this year’s entry. It probably is a lot sexier than any photo with you in it. If you could crop in your mustache on a praying mantis so they could tell you were shooting for the guys category, I think you would fare much better. Mauers side burns would take it over the top… could even be in the top 94!

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