Friday Random 10

Another Friday, another ten random tracks, this time straight off the external HD:

  1. “Hearing Aid” – They Might Be Giants, Flood
  2. “The Demon Power II” – Joe Hisaishi, Princess Mononoke soundtrack
  3. “Cairo” – Geoff Downes, The World Service
  4. “Farewell” – Tan Dun, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack
  5. “Like Everyone She Knows” – James Taylor, New Moon Shine
  6. “Plurnstyle”, Ozric Tentacles, Become the Other
  7. “Temperament of Mind” – The Strawbs, Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios
  8. “The Calling” – Ira Stein & Russel Walder, Transit
  9. “Lucky Sevens” – The Push Stars, Paint the Town
  10. “Zawinul/Lava” – Brian Eno, Another Green World

Enjoy your weekend!

2 responses to “Friday Random 10

  1. Phil Lynott – “The Boys Are Back In Town” Phil Lynott Live
    The Clash – “I’m Not Down” London Calling
    Flogging Molly – “Delilah” Alive Behind The Green Door
    Hurricane Bells – “Monster” New Moon Soundtrack
    Franz Ferdinand – “Tell Her Tonight” Franz Ferdinand
    Blakroc – “Tellin’ Me Things” Blakroc
    Oasis – “Lyla” Don’t Believe The Truth
    Oasis – “Cast No Shadow” (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?
    Coldplay – “Clocks” LeftRightLeftRightLeft
    Sublime – “What I Got” Sublime

  2. 1. Mannequin’s Complaint – Guided By Voices
    2. Brown Sugar — Rolling Stones
    3. Stupid Bells — The Handsome Family
    4. I’ll Cry Alone — Flamin’ Groovies
    5. Anglepoise Lamp — The Soft Boys
    6. Sh!t From an Old Notebook — Minutemen
    7. If You See Her Say Hello — Bob Dylan
    8. F*ck Everything — Jack Logan
    9. I Think I’m Down — The Harbinger Complex
    10. Johnny B. Goode — Buck Owens

    Bonus: Acid Tongue — Jenny Lewis

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